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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Alice Fen

This letter came recently from my assistant teacher last summer. I was glad to get her news about the children receiving their tuition and of course added the child Huang Raoming to our Blessing Hands list. I also sent her some pictures to share with the children. It is so rewarding to know that these children are being helped. What a difference it will make in their lives. I only edited Alice's letter a little, so what you read is hers.

Dear Betty,

How are you going? It is long times that you went home. I miss you very much. Ha ha ~~maybe I should introduce myself at first. I am Alice, who is from Yangshuo Guilin China. We met each other at this summer holiday; do you still remember the English Summer Camp for teacher? aha hhha ~~ you've got it, yeah?
I miss the days we spent together. They were the happiest day I’ve got this summer. I still remember your big smile; it is so clearly in my mind.
My students are very lucky that they can get your help. It is very nice of you. One of them, whose name is LI XING, told to me "Alice, I want to see the photo of the warm heart." but I just said sorry to her, because I missed the photo we took together.

There are 10 children got your help. But, at last, I must say "sorry" to you, I miss the one, who really needs your help. His name is HUANG RAOMING. Now maybe, Ms. Wei talk to you about him. He is 11 years old and in Grade 4. He is a very naught boy, sometimes I am very angry with him. His parents divided for a long time; I don't know the correct time. He lives with his grandma (his mum's mum).

Thank you so much, Betty. Wish you happy everyday. Don’ t forget I am Alice.