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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Qu Ling Zhu

This little girl is Qu Ling Zhu. Her parents have left home, and she lives with her grandparents. They have spent a lot of money to help her with her face and yet nothing has helped. She is a good student and is in grade 4. She is 13 years old. She is getting Blessing Hands tuition, but I hope she can be helped with her physical problem. Does anyone have any ideas. Posted by Picasa

Friday, December 02, 2005

Alice's school - Pu Yi Primary School

In this picture eleven Blessing Hands children are holding their tuition envelopes. Alice is the teacher. She was my translator and assistant during summer English camp. The picture was taken on Sports Day so everyone is dressed in sports clothes.

On the first row from left to right are Li Weizhi, Wei Hairou, Li Lin, Li Qin. On the second row from left to right stand Ge Dan, Huang Raoming (the boy that Alice later asked me to add to the list), Deng Youcai, Luo Qinfan, Wei Yunlan, Huang Pinzhi ,and Li Zhen. Posted by Picasa
Another Blessing Hands child - Mo Zonggui. Posted by Picasa

Andy Liang's School - Xing Ping Primary School

These ten Blessing Hands children are Mo Xiangling, Huang Zhuqing, Huang Jianxui, Lu Mingyi, Fei Xiuping, Qu Lingzhu, Yu Tianhua, Xu Changlong, Huang Yuli, and Mo Zhonggui. Their teacher was my assitant last summer. His name is Andy Liang, and the school is Xing Ping Primary School. Posted by Picasa
Dear Blessing Hands,
Thank you very much for your helping. It's so nice to hear from you. I'm Yang Naiqi. I'm standing grade three in Yangdi Primary School. There are four persons in my family, grandpa, father, mother, and me. I 'm very hard to learn. I love learning. Thank you very much.

Love from
Yang Naiqi Posted by Picasa
Dear Blessing Hand,
I'm glad hear you. At first I am writing this letter to thank you. You can hand in studying expenses for me and let me can go to school.

And then I introduce myself. My name is Yang Min Jie. I'm a boy ten ages. I'm studying grade four in Yangdi Primary School. I am monitor in class. I'm studying very hard and like to help other students too. Also like to you help people need help people. I would also like to thank you for interesting discussion with me, which I don't over you.

About my family. My family very poor. My grandpa is with me. The last Posted by Picasa

Dear Blessing Hands,
I'm glad hear you. Thank you very much for your helping. I'm Mao Shujie. I'm eleven. Im standing grade five in Yangdi Primary School. There are four persons in my family. My father, my mother, my little brother, and I (This means that she is a girl since families that have a first born girl can have a second child.). My village is at remote place where is very poor. I love learning and very hard to learn. I hope looking forward to your early visit to China and meet you. I hope you always remember me also.

I will always remember you kinding. Thank you very much again. Best wish for you.

Love from
Mao Shujie Posted by Picasa
Blessing Hands.
I study in grade three in trimary school of Feng Nu Zhai.
My name is Wang Xue Ying. My parents haven't stayed at home since three years ago. I had only sixty Yuan Renminbi ($7.50 US) to take the tuition. Thank you for help.

Wang Xue Ying Posted by Picasa