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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Qu Ling Zhu's Progress

Some of you might be wondering about Qu Ling Zhu. She is back in school, and I hope to see her when I visit on March 24th. Her teacher, Andy Liang, reports that her face is still swollen. I have been assured that this is normal considering the surgery and treatment that she is receiving. She has been taken to Guilin for a follow up check up, and she is scheduled for another operation in 6 months that will be cosmetic surgery to help her appearance. Right now she is wearing a hat until her hair grows out.

I am looking forward to visiting with several of the Blessing Hands students while I am in Yangshuo on a Sister City's trip to dedicate the 93 wheelchairs that the people of Morehead are giving to handicapped citizens of Yangshuo. The government officials will take us to visit many of the schools where Blessing Hands Children are studying, and I will get to meet the childen in person. I also hope to get lots of pictures to post on this site. While I am in Yangshuo, I will also be arranging for a eyeglass clinic in August that will benefit all the citizens of Yangshuo, especially the school children.