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Saturday, June 17, 2006

I recently received this thank you note from a Blessing Hands child. It really encouraged me to keep up the good work. I edited her English a little, but not her content.

June 10, 2006

Dear Betty

Thank you every much for giving me a hand when I was in trouble. My name is Zheng Xiao Mei, and Shirley is my English name. I come from a very poor family. Most of people are peasants In my family. I have a grandmother who is sixty years old and a brother who is studying at the high school. He will graduate from high school and go to the university this year. My mother`s leg was hurt, and she can't walk well. My father who is in bad health can`t do hard work. Now I`m studying at Yangshuo Experimental Middle school of Foreign Studies. I'm in class 8 senior 1 of 1. I like studying very much, and at school my favorite subject is English. To study in the university is my dream, but my family can`t afford my studying at school. So I would have to give up my studies and make money next term.

Having known something about me, you tried your best to help me. With your help, I can go back to school again and continue studying. In my opinion you are a very kind and warm-hearted person, just like my parent. I am very thankful to you, and made up my mind to study hard, so that I can get better results to studies to thanks for your help.
Thanks again, and I wish you all the best.

Yours respectfully,

Zheng Xiao Mei.