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Monday, September 25, 2006

28 Children at Nine Mile School Get New Shoes

Anna Liu, our Blessing Hands administrator in Southern Guangxi, was delighted to visit Nine Mile School recently to give the 28 Blessing Hands children there new shoes. The children had never had shoes that good before, and they said it was like Chinese New Year gifts. Anna got a good price of under $3 for the shoes. Each child also got socks, ten new pencils, erasers, pencil sharpers, textbooks and homework exercise books. All of this only cost $280.

When people ask why we are helping children in China instead of America, I always mention that US money can buy 8 times more in value in China. To these children $280 US =$2,240 buying power in their money. In US money Chinese famers only make about 200 to 500 dollars a year. Our charity dollar goes a lot farther in China, and the children really, really need the help. Posted by Picasa