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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Students are Receiving Their Glasses!

Dear Blessing Hands,
I am very glad to receive your e-mail letters. I am so busy that I have no time to sent you a letter for a long time. I have received the glasses which given by you. I like it very much because it so beautiful and useful. It gives me a great of helps. Thank you very much.
Recently I have some difficulty in my study, but I believe I can overcome them. Thank for your help again.
Best wiches.
Lu Xiuyun

I put in some periods and spaces, but it is essentially Lu's letter. I hope she will send me a photo with her wearing her new glasses. She goes to the high school that prepares teachers to teach in their public schools. Some teachers start teaching at 18 years of age.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Qinzhou No. 1 Middle School

Some of the Blessing Hands students from Qinzhou No. 1 Middle School are starting to write me thank you notes. I hope to find them pen pals. Maybe your youth group would like such a project. This is King who is 16. He wants to improve his English by writing to an American pen pal. Sun Ling Yun would also like to write someone. She is in the freshman class at Qinzhou No. 1 Middle School.

They have to go to their teacher's office to use a computer, since the computer lab's computers are verrrrry slow and old. I would love to get a computer grant for these schools. Does anyone want to help with that? These kids have never had e-mail addresses before, so we are introducing them to a whole new experience. Write blessinghands@gmail.com to connect to get a pen pal.

A Thank You Letter from China

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am so glad that I can express myself. My name is Fengmin, I’m from No. 2 Middle School of Pubei. Now my family is in trouble and need help. I don’t mean to say how poor my family is and how much I really need money, but I really appreciate the help that you offered to me.

I do realize that the world is full of love. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. At one time, I thought I couldn’t realize my dream, and I thought I had to leave school, at that time I lived in darkness. But now, you give me courage, hope and sunlight, and now my life is full of love and happiness again. The most importance is that I realize there are many warm-hearted men in the world.

In a word, I think I will realize my dream with your help and encouragement. Thank you very much.