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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Qu Lingzhu's Operation is Successful

I have just received very good news. Someone has contacted me recently to tell me that Qu Lingzhu, one of our primary school Blessing Hands students that we have been trying to get medical help, has had an operation sponsored by a Chinese/American artist from San Francisco. A fund raising effort for her operation on Chinese television in San Francisco had some results. It was this same person who stood with Qu Lingzhu during the operation that Blessing Hands paid for in February 2006, but she moved from Yangshuo, and I did not know that she was still keeping in contact with Lingzhu and like me was still trying to get her help. This is where my lack of knowing Chinese gives me a handicap.

The operation was a success, and Lingzhu should be fine, except she will need another operation when she is 18. It is always good to know that a child has been helped, and I knew that you all would want to know the good news. Blessing Hands did not really have anything to do with this blessing, but what great New Year's news it is.