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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Matching Pen Pals

I spoke at a two grammar school classes today about China. It was a lot of fun. Those kids were very interested in being pen pals to Nine Mile School and some of the other primary schools. I gave them some of the folded cranes that the Yangshuo student's always give me as thank you gifts. One teacher promised to teach them how to fold the peace cranes later.

I had a slide show of our recent trip, and we all enjoyed it very much, except for the dried dragon eye fruit that I let them try out. It was a little too tart for their taste, and they were all running to the sink to wash out their mouths after the tang hit their tongues. I have to get busy and do some more pen pal cards for a Girl Scout Troop too. I could use an extra hour or two in my day or a computer wizard to help me out.