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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

These are the teachers and parents of the Parent Teacher Organization at McBrayer Elementary School in Rowan County. I am smiling on the right holding a check that the group gave to Blessing Hands. They gave $350 to support 35 primary students in Yangshuo for one semester. It was such a pleasure to match them up to be a Sister School with Putao Primary School in Yangshuo County, Guangxi, China.

They want their students to be pen pals with our primary students also. I have been making pen pal/sponsor cards to give to folks who want to meet our Blessing Hands children. I can just imagine the faces of the children in China when they get a card or drawing from Morehead's McBrayer Elementary School. I hope some of the classes will collect books for the schools of their pen pals as well. People who love children are all over the world. I am glad to know the ones at McBrayer Elementary. They have several adopted children from China enrolled there. The whole school should be learning more about China first hand.
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