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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Liao Needs $400 to Go to College.

Liao's family makes About $340 US a year from their farm land. He dreams of majoring in Biology at an agricultural college. His tuition for a year is $400. I have pasted reference letters written by his village leader and his teacher below.

I am the village committee member. Liao is a resident in our village. I would like to explain this student’s situation to you.

Background and status: He has 6 family members and two of them are working. His grandparents are very old and sick. They have small farming land so his family is very poor.

Liao’s personal status: He is a hardworking and frugal student. He studied so hard that he obtained an excellent academic result and can go to a university.

I would like to certify that all the above information is true and hope you can give a helpful hand to support and help him, so that he can continue his further study and become a man of great ability in our country.

Liao (name withheld for privacy)
(Village Committee Member)

Dear Respectful Board members,

Liao went to Yangshuo Middle school in September 2004, and he graduated in June 2007. He is concerned about national issues, and he is a person that obeys the rules and laws very much. In general, he has a high discipline for himself with good attitudes towards life and social values. He is able to improve his weaknesses and always behaves himself. During the school years, he obeyed the school rules and respected the examination without cheating. He respected teachers and cooperated with other students. He had a good attitude towards learning, so he has been rewarded with a scholarship before too.

Liao got excellent academic result in all subjects, and he is a responsible student. He worked seriously to his tasks and helped the school to work for many projects without any complaints. He is such a very hard working student. Besides that, he enjoys group activities and is concerned about others’ benefits as well. He cares about his classmates so much that he helped them to solve problems. He was named as “OUTSTANDING STUDENT”.

According to my observation during the past 3 years, Liao is an outstanding student in both behavior and academic performance. I hope your organization can help him.

Best Regards,

2nd July 2007

If you would like to help Liao go to college you can donate with the button at the top of the blog and write us at blessinghands@gmail.com. The need is urgent since the college will start classes soon.

Liao just got a sponsor for the first semester. Blogging his needs worked. I am so glad. Read on for other students who need sponsors for their college expenses.

I want to thank all the people who helped to translate these letters.