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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Liu (Leo) Would Like to Go to College.

Leo needs $488 US to pay his tuition for a year at a chemistry and science college he wants to attend. Chinese universities are very specialized and hard to get into. First you have three choices of universities that you can ask to be admitted to. Then you have to pass a national test that the whole country presses toward every June. If you make a high score, you still might not get to go to college, if the college you choose does not select you. Leo has gotten the coveted acceptance letter to his college of choice. Leo's family makes about $700 a year. I have pasted his application for a Blessing Hands scholarship here.

3rd June 2007

Blessing Hands,

My name is Liu (Leo). My family has a small piece of farming land which is only 2 to 3 acres in total. If we all rely on farming, we cannot support our living at all. Therefore, my parents need to find some other jobs to earn our living. Many years ago, my father found a job that employed people to hit stones in the hills. That was a very hard tough job, and he got hurt from that job. His health was getting worse at that time. Therefore, we spent lots of money for his medical expenses. Although he is getting much better now, he still cannot do through work. Now, he can only do some farm work at our small farm land in order to earn some money. Moreover, my mother has found a job near our home. Her salary is very low, but that money still can help a little bit to our living. On the other hand, she can also take care of the family due to the short working distance.

I studied in Higher Middle School last year. Its annual tuition fee was $6000 to $7000 (Yuan) which intensified my family’s burden. My family was too poor to afford this, and the expensive tuition fee led my family to a very difficult situation. Last summer, I started to receive your support, and it helped my family’s finances a lot and reduced my parents’ pressure and burden. I will go to university this year, and the expensive tuition fee has become a big problem to me again. I worry about it very much, and I don’t know what to do.

However, I have heard that Blessing Hands has supported students financially to go to a university, and three students received the scholarship. Therefore, my home class teacher recommended me to apply for a scholarship from Blessing Hands in order to solve my financial problems and stress, so that I can go to university and graduate.

I clearly understand that I must use that money correctly since it comes with a good timing, and it is so precious as well. I must not waste any money and will use all the money for my study only. If I can go to a university, I will work very hard and learn useful knowledge, so that I would not disappoint you. Moreover, I would like to thank you for all your concern and help for me the past year. I promise to study very hard and become a useful person in society.

Best Regards,

Liu (Leo)

If you would like to support Leo's college tuition or help support it, you can donate at the top of the blog. He needs the tuition very soon, so don't delay.

Some one has just pledged to give $100 to Leo. That is good news. Maybe someone else will give a $150 to pay for his first semester at college this fall.

Great, someone just pledged $150 to complete Leo's scholarship for the first semester. Now he only needs another $250 to pay for his spring semester. We usually give $500 scholarships. If that is more than their tuition comes to, then they can spend the rest on books or room and board.