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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Male Scholarship Sponsors Needed

This is Betty Cutts blogging to you. We have a urgent need to present to folks who are interested in education and especially educating deserving young men. Blessing Hands has been blessed to have an opportunity to apply for college scholarships for our graduating students, but the foundation is interested in helping girls. We presently have 12 girls who have completed their applications and been accepted by a college. We are hoping that all of them will get grants for college.

We also have three scholarships to award to boys from our Blessing Hands budget this school year. However, seven deserving young men have applied for the three scholarships. As we read their applications and letters, we can't bear to choose only three. Someone suggested today that we should put information about them online and ask our supporters and friends to help. The cost of tuition at Chinese universities averages about $500 US a year. What a bargain for a first rate education.! That is the amount that we have settled on to give our students, although special sponsors sometimes pay more for students they have sponsored all along. I want to introduce one of our applicants.

Gao is from the Guangxi Province, and he wants to be a doctor. His family's income as farmers is about $471 US a year. How can they afford the $607 yearly tuition at the college that has accepted him? His teacher highly recommends him.

Gao --- is a very good student in my class. He works very hard and has a high GPA. He also has a very good relationship with classmates and teachers.

If you would like to be a supporter of Gao, you can donate with the button at the top of our blog and contact us personally at blessinghands@gmail.com. You can share in his support or take his complete support depending on your desire. He needs this support immediately since college starts very soon.

Gao now has a sponsor for full tuition for both fall and spring semester. Thanks so much