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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Chong Begins her Volunteer Service

Blessing Hands asks our college scholarship students to voluntarily perform some service project of three hours each semester and report it to encourage projects by other students. We want them to have the joy of giving and receiving blessings as a Blessing Hands representative.

Chong, who is studying to be a teacher, has volunteered to tutor a migrant worker's child more than three hours this semester. You can see from her letter below that she really enjoyed her service. I have taken out complete names for privacy and edited her letter, but the thoughts are completely hers.

Last Saturday, on October 20, I attended our school's holiday activities. The purpose of the activities is to help migrant workers and their children's learning. Migrant workers are farmers working in cities. As a result of hardships, they rarely have time to guide their children to learn; however, due to poor economic conditions, families cannot afford any tutors that teachers request. We need to help them as volunteer tutors.

We leave Guangxi University at 8:30 a.m. to start to a primary school. We will help their students. It is a small school without as much as a football field. It has a teaching building of three floors. Each floor has six classrooms, a dormitory, and two playgrounds. In this small area, they formed a school.

I was trying to help a third-year small boy. He is a scrawny little dark child who looks a bit mischievous, but he is very clever. He is called Pei. In talking to him, I understood that he is one-year-older than his smaller brother, but his learning is in the same classes. His parents are doing small businesses and are often not at home.

He keeps three rabbits and two small turtles.
Every weekend for fun, he often takes the small rabbits and small turtles for sunbathing. He and I spoke of rearing the small rabbits and small turtles, discussing what they eat and what not to feed them. In particular with rabbits, we cannot give them too much water or overfed them vegetables. Otherwise they will die. His small turtles only eats lean meat and nothing else. The first time I heard of a turtle eating meat, I found it very strange.

He was very expressive and talkative. He reminded me of my primary years, when I had a naïve, romantic look. We had a very happy morning. I adopted him as my little brother for the morning. His academic performance is not very good. Every Saturday this semester I will go to his primary school and learn together with him, answering the questions he encounters some learning difficulties with. This semester I will become his volunteer tutor.