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Friday, January 11, 2008

James Does Volunteer Work During his Holiday

James, one of our college scholarship students, wrote recently to tell me he could not meet me in Yangshuo while I was there on the 28th of January. He is volunteering as a teacher in a minority village near his college. I am delighted that he is being a Blessing Hand to others. Just as he has received he is now giving. His slightly edited letter is below.

Dear Betty
How are you now. Last week I went to Wenchuan City and Longxi Xiang Town, some villages, to inspect the primary school. They are Qiang nation people, an old nation in China history.
When the school lesson is over, I will go there to be a volunteer teacher to teach them something about law with 50 students from all over China. Some of them from North of China University and some of them from West of China University.

I think it is important to help the children in the poor district. They cannot have enough food to eat. Also their civilization is different from ours. Their clothing is beautiful which is made by themselves.

I will go on the day 2008/01/25 and come back Chengdu on the day on 2008/02/02.
Best wishes for you.