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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dogwood "Giving Tree"

Today I went in pursuit of a dogwood tree to use for our "Giving Tree" next week when we will have a table and display about our kids at Adron Doran University Center in Morehead. I've had my eye on a wild one that is growing on the mountain in my backyard. A friend suggested that I spare the live tree and go in search of a donated dogwood tree. I had already thought of that and looked at one at Wal -mart, but the limbs were not big enough to hold all the blooming faces of children that we plan to put on our "Giving Tree".

However, I decided to check out Lowes just in case a good tree might be found. There was a good selection of small dogwood trees just right to carry in my car. So I ventured an "Ask" and was met by a smiling manager. Embarrassingly I only had a brochure in Chinese and forgot about my name card in my wallet. He seemed to believe me, however, and offered a tree for $5. I was glad for the savings of both money and my backyard tree. I took it right home to try out the cards with student's pictures.

The tree groaned with the load, but once I strengthened it with a wooden rod, the children bloomed wonderfully. For good measure I added a few silk pink dogwood flowers, since the tree was not naturally in bloom. Our "Giving Tree is now ready for sponsors to "Pick" a student to support.

ADUC has decided to only allow the exhibit on the days that our table will be displayed rather than leaving the posters up continually for two weeks as originally planned, so don't come looking for the display except Monday - Wednesday.

The "Pick Me!" theme has been a lot of fun to illustrate. Each artist has shown their own special style while using similar colors and themes. I want to thank Linda Brewer, Meg Glancy, Carolyn Boyd, and Nancy Sartor for the posters that they have created. Come see them Monday - Wednesday next week and the 2nd week of April at ADUC. I also thank Dorothy Juran and Abby Lou for helping with the cards to go on the tree. The four visiting Chinese scholars from Guangxi University have volunteered to woman the table the 10 o'clock hour this next week. They can answer many questions about China.

Already two promises of $250 college scholarships have come in from the newsletter announcement. I sent the invitation to our students in China was well. Even though I knew they could not come, I wanted to let them know what was happening and motivate them to translate the English. Their eager response to be involved has made me realize that I need to share this event on the Internet as well as in Morehead. Sponsors can respond there as well. So here begins our first Internet "Giving Tree."

One friend suggested that they enjoyed a conversational blog more than my fancy professional newsletter. So I am considering wedding the two and putting my blog postings about the " Pick Me!" exhibit on line during the two weeks that the display will be in Morehead. You might be getting more mail from me for these coming two weeks as I share the kids' pictures and needs and allow you distant friends to "pick "one too.

We are featuring primary ($10 a semester), middle school ($25 a semestser), high school ($80 a semester), and college students ($250 a semestser). We are also encouraging people to sign up to be pen pals and receive our newsletter. There is a donate button if you want to "Pick" a student now.

When the two weeks are over, I plan to take the display on the road. Two churches have already scheduled us. If your group would like to have the display and "Giving Tree" and do your own "picking," we have about 300 students that presently don't have sponsors. These are real kids that you can write and interact with. What a difference it will make in their lives and yours.

Springtime Blessings,

Betty Cutts