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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

James is a Blessing Hand During Spring Break

How are you now. I am James. I hope you everything well. Now in Chengdu City the weather is very warm. A lot of flowers come out in spring.

Also during the winter holiday I went to Wen Chuang City to be a volunteer. It is a great experience for me. Though it I learn so many things I cannot learn form books.When help others, the feeling is so good and your heart become simple happy.


I wasn't able to see one of our college scholarship students in China, because he was teaching poor students in a remote area of China during his Chinese New Year holiday. I encourages me when I see one of our students putting into practice what Blessing Hands stands for. We ask our scholarship students to do a few hours of volunteer work each semester. James has gone beyond that to spend several weeks helping others.

I read recently that a scientific study had been published that showed that pleasure centers in the brain are more active when giving then getting. I guess it has finally been proven scientifically that it is better to give than to receive. Lets hope that the children he taught learned to be blessing hands also.