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Saturday, March 29, 2008

"Pick Me!" Sponsor Poster

Since our internet friends cannot come to the exhibit in Morehead, we are sending out reports to them about the events. This is the content of the sponsor poster.


We match sponsors with our students, hoping to open a window on the world for both of them. Some sponsors e-mail or visit their sponsored students. Chen’s sponsor supports her in high school and even sent her a special gift, a Louisville, Kentucky baseball team shirt.

Li’s sponsor pays $80 a semester for his tuition in high school and sent him Chinese New Year gifts. His grandfather came an hour with him on a bus to meet us at the school.

Anita Wherry visited her two students.

What a dream come true to finally meet my special students, May and Lily. They enthusiastically greeted me by name. We exchanged gifts, but their thank you letters written in English are my greatest treasure. I left that day determined to be a better pen pal and financial supporter.–Anita Wherry

Mo’s sponsor sent her a new backpack and prays for her every day. Mo is in the blue trimmed jacket. The standing girl is still without a special sponsor.

Nina Ottinger got to visit with her two sponsored students while she was in Yangshuo, China.

Mo Bao, an orphan, is one of 7 students supported by churches.Here he is holding his new school clothes.
Your church can support a child too.

Pick a student to sponsor.
Hang is in Middle School. Her support is $25 a semester.

Cheng is a primary child and needs $20 a year.

Li is in high school. She gets no government help because she is over 15 years old. She needs $80 a semester.

Feng is studying to be a women and children's doctor in college. She needs $250 a semester.