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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Pick Me!

Blessing Hands is planning a display at Adrian Doran University Center at Morehead State University the first two weeks in April. We plan to display foam board posters showing our students and pictures from our activities. The university wants to encourage diversity on campus and let their students volunteer with local nonprofits.

We plan a exhibit to showcase our students from college to primary levels. A "Giving Tree" will display student pictures in the center of dogwood blooms with the theme "Pick Me!" We hope folks will pick students from the tree to sponsor or write. Chi Omega Sorority will be sitting at a Blessing Hands information table on the second floor near the cafeteria from Monday through Wednesday (10-2 p.m.) starting March 31st.

Several local artists are volunteering to do foam board displays that will be placed on easels on the first and second floors. If you want to join the fun, we have a place for you, or just come on by and see pictures of Qinzhou and Yangshuo, China's wonderful students.