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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Pick Me! - Last Day

Pick Me! Last Day

We had a great time with the “Pick Me!” exhibit. The Chi Omega Sorority girls were “awesome”. They seemed to know everyone and could call them over to our table. Chrissy Miller, one of their freshmen members, even offered to help me record the last day’s list of those wanting pen pals and newsletters. That would have taken me two hours or more.

Two of the visiting scholars picked primary children for themselves. They are excited to correspond with their children and even go to see them in Yangshuo, which is not far from where they live.

Even the dogwood tree put out leaves during the two weeks. Once I plant it, I can always look at it and remember these days.

Two students offered to make movies for us. One is a production major, so I am looking forward to what he will create from our miscellaneous movies. A librarian initiated a fund drive for a college scholarship. The head of Johnson Carroll Library offered to match the highest donation given by her library staff.

We had contributions from online and through the mail as well. Jan Lewis sent me this e-mail.

I have started a little campaign to raise money to support another child through Blessing Hands. Yesterday I raised $50 and will raise more to go with that. I'm running a 1/2 marathon the first weekend in May, and will run for this child. I plan to select one and then put their name on back of my shirt. It will be a middle school student child, probably, and maybe a primary child, also.
I appreciate all that you have done to help these children. - Jan

Anna Liu, our Qinzhou administrator sent a letter of thanks. She has been a visiting scholar here and knows all about MSU.

I have read each email about the "Pick Me" you sent to me. I can imagine how hard you work, and I also know you enjoy it. How I wish I were there to help you and do the work together with you, just like we did last time for Yangshuo's art show. I also wish to say "Thank you" to those who come to the “Pick Me” campaign. I want to say “Thank You” to those Chinese students who help you to do the translation and the students from MSU. All of you have done a good job. I really appreciate what the people in Morehead do for Chinese students. Please tell them "Thanks" from Qinzhou, China. -- Anna Liu

Finally the students themselves have been writing.

Thank you for your help, I am very grateful to you, and I think God will bless you.
Yang Ping – Qinzhou No 1 middle School

To help others is the most beautiful in the world hope to resolve difficulties. Every day is a new start.
Yu Yanying

My Chinese name is Feng Chaojun, and Bamboo is my English name. I am one of the Blessing hands members studying in Guangxi University of Nationalities, China.

Blessing Hands asked us to be volunteers last term. Every time I did a good deed, I would take photos and told Blessing hands. I change a little this semester. We did a lot volunteering in March. The moment I saw an old poor woman shedding tears when visiting her, then I really understood what volunteers ment and why Blessing
Hands asked us to do that.

Maybe you do not know how much I cherish the life in University. Sometimes I think without Blessing Hands’ help, it would be difficult for me to concentrate on my study and work, since I would have to share my time to worry about my tuition.

Results of "Pick Me!"
I can’t give you the overall totals yet, but I think we have all our primary students sponsored, over 100 pen pal matches, three college scholarships, and over 36 new donors. If your club, church, or group would like to sponsor a child or have a speaker, I have posters, a PowerPoint, and enthusiasm and will travel.

http://picasaweb.google.com/blessinghands/ADUCPromotion has all the pictures taken during the exhibit.

The students who don’t have sponsors have pictures online at the following addresses. You can send the name of the child you picked to our Blessing Hands’ address at Zhufuzhishou@gmail.com, and I will tell you about the child you have chosen. Zhufuzhishou is Blessing Hands in Chinese.

Yangshuo High School Students without sponsors: http://picasaweb.google.com/blessinghands/YangshuoHighSchoolStudentsWithoutSponsors

Middle School Students without Sponsors:

College students in Yangshuo without sponsors:

For your convenience there is a Google Checkout donation button on our blog. We have this button with no charge to us on line until December 31, 2008.

Betty Cutts