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Monday, May 12, 2008

Earthquake Report

Some of you have asked about our students and the earthquake in China.

We have two college students, James and Daolin in Chengdu, which is very near the quake center. I have been concerned for them. Daolin is at Southwest University of Nationalities, and James is at Sichuan University of Nuclear Engineering and Technology. They are both first year students. I am sure that there probably is not e-mail there now. Please do pray for the two students in Chengdu. The quake was in Southwestern Sichuan province.

The rest of our students are in Southern China far away for the earthquake. I understand they felt it in Vietnam, so they probably felt it in Yangshuo also. I don't have plans to go to China soon. Right now we don't know of any needs in our service area connected to the earthquake. If you want to help I can recommend World Vision and Operation Blessing which are both American charities serving children and emergencies. They are both very active in China.

World Vision


News of the earthquake from World Vision.


Operation Blessing


Thank you for your great heart and concern for our kids,

Betty Cutts