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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Clack Mountain Festival

Blessing Hands'  "Pick Me!" display was featured recently at the Clack Mountain Festival in Morehead. The outdoor festival combined Bluegrass music, folk art, and craft booths on a Saturday in early June. Since it was our first outdoor event, we learned the value of sun tan oil, hats, and an umbrella.  We got to use the tri-fold display that one of the MSU students made for us, but the wind almost got the whole exhibit. Friendly neighbors helped us tie and weight down the umbrella before disaster went too far.  I know now to bring clips to hold down newsletters and sponsor cards. 
We got five new sponsors during the afternoon and added a page full of folks to our newsletter. I love small town life. I saw a lot of people I knew and had the help for several special friends. Thanks goes to Carol Rose, Doris Wells, and Linda Barker for helping me with the display table and packing it in and back out again.