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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Olympic Torch Passed Through Nanning

The Olympic Torch passed through Nanning in early June. Cen Wanman (Doris), one of our Blessing Hands college scholarship students, has sent us pictures.

On the 7th of June, the Olympic torch relay passed through Nanning. All of the students of our college went to Yuexiu Road to watch it. We got up at 5 am on the 7th and then finished breakfast offered by our college. We gathered at the playground at 6 am and started to walk there at 6:30 am. When we arrived at Yuexiu Road, it was 7:50 am. We waited for more than 3 hours, but then the torch was relayed in front of us, - No.181 to No.183. We were so excited. You can imagine how excited we were. On that day, only a few schools could go to watch the torch relay. Almost all the students in Nanning must stay at school in order to keep order.