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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Google Adwords Grant

Subject: Blessing Hands awarded a Google Adwords Grant
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Now People all over the world will hear about Blessing Hands and join hands to help our kids.
Blessing Hands Has Great News!

Blessing Hands


Google Adword Grant!
Great News!
Google, the search engine company, is giving Blessing Hands $10,000 worth of advertising every month as a grant. We will have ads that appear when our key words are activated on Google. For example if someone types in "sponsor children", our ad for sponsoring Chinese students in Yangshuo or Qinzhou will appear on the left side of the search page where ads are featured or on the left side of Gmail e-mail messages.
When people click on our ads, they will be sent to our web page where they can sign up for a newsletter, support a child, or donate to the Lufei Children's Fund or the Flood Relief Fund for Yangshuo. We have asked for international ads. That means we can touch people in other nations such as England and Taiwan where we already have donors.

They will give us a Google Optimization Specialist, who is a volunteer Google employee, to help us with ads, pick keys words to use in advertising, and communicate with our charity. Such an advertising program has the potential to multiply our donor base and help many more students.
They even expedited our application because of the immediate need for flood funds and college scholarship sponsors. Google is a great company!
Check out our web page http://www.Blessing-Hands.org
and see where the ads will lead.
Betty Cutts

The donated car has been sold for $990!

A local retired teacher bought the car to replace his gas guzzler. He now works in an auto parts store and can repair the minor things wrong with it. My neighbor, who donated the car, gets to deduct the $990 from his income tax. Maybe you have a car to donate so kids in China can get an education.