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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pubei Students Need Scholarships

Two Students from Pubei

Pubei had a flood two years ago, so we have tried to help their students.
We are featuring girls this time who all graduated from Pubei High School and need scholarships to college. Students in China have to take a test to get into high school. Now they have done well on their college entrance exams and need help to fulfill their college dreams.

Amanda Liang

My Chinese family name is Liang, and my English name is Amanda. I'm 20 years old. Now I'm graduating from High School and going into my college dream. I grew up in a poor family. My family lives in the Qinzhou area of Guangxi Province.

My home is a small village I come from the countryside, and have lived a saving life from a child. I'm a village girl and love a poor family. I have a happy family. My family members are my old grandmother, father, mother, older brother, older sister and me. My family doesn't have much income. My parents are very old. They cannot go out to make money (in a city). They have to stay at home. My parents plant rice at home every year. The only income for my mother and my father is growing plants. They sell a little rice for my study, which will only afford me to study at school.

My parents both have bad health these last some years. Two years ago, my mother's stomach bled. Her body energy is bad all the time. She only can do some light housework. For a series of reasons, we owe a large number of debts. It's really true that the debts aren't a small amount for our family. My mother was in the hospital. We borrowed some money from others to treat her illness. I was very sad. I hope that my family can be happy.

At home, I help my mother do housework. At school, I 'm a dear and open girl. I like studying. I'm good at table tennis, and I can get on well in my classmates. They said I'm a good student and good friend. They love me.Though my sister goes out to make money, she can't take care of herself well, because she has bad health also. All the money she has made has been spent in curing her disease.

My father has had to take up the duty to support the whole family. He works so hard that he stays in the field nearly a whole day. It's so difficult for him to do it, because of his bad body condition. He has to take the place in order to afford my cost. Seeing my old grandmother and the poor and hard family, I feel very sad.

I have a dream. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a teacher. I feel that teachers are very great. They teach children knowledge, and make children understand how to be people. I want to go to Guilin to the university. I'm interested in teaching children to be true to their dreams. If I become a teacher, I will feel very happy, and my parents can live a happy life.

If I go to the university, I must study hard in order to let my dream come true. After graduating from college, I want to go to a high school to teach math. I hope that I can come to be a good teacher, and I hope my family will get goodness. I want to be admitted into college! I want to realize my dream! I desire that my family can live a happy life and be far away from poverty and difficulties!

I hope I can get Blessing Hands' college scholarship to make my dreams come true. Once I can get it. I'll study hard in college, in order to light up my family and Blessing Hands. This is my application for a Blessing Hands scholarship for the fall college fee. I intend to major in math. Please consider my application for a scholarship to college.
Amanda Liang
Student ID: 253
National Test: 449
Math Teacher

May Wu

I am a 19 year-old girl from China. My family name is Wu. Our school is the best high school in our county. My dream is to go to the People's University of China, and I intend to major in news and media. I think the announcer is the happiest person in the world, because he or she can be heard and known by almost all the people around the country, even all over the world. Broadcasting is always a challenging job. I have admired announcers since I was a child. I was eager to work like them when I grew up, so I have chosen news and media as my future career.

My home is in a small poor village, and there are 8 people in my home now, because my grandma left us on February 14th, Valentine's Day. I think she must be too lonely, so she went to heaven to meet my grandfather. When she enjoys herself, she will come back.

Our income is very low, and my mother is very weak. My mother is 62, and suffers from many kinds of diseases. She can't do any work. My father is 60. He can only grow rice for our living, so they can't support my further schooling. My brother and his wife work in the fields all the day in order to support his three children in high school. We live with him and his wife. I know he also lives a hard life, but I can do nothing to help him, since I'm only a student now.

I need more knowledge to strengthen my wings, so that I can help more people who need help. I want to go to college, so I study hard. I think that I can score well in the coming college entrance examination. That is very important to me, because my dream is to go out of my small village and go to a university for further study.

Nowadays, the competition is very fierce in China. Without real ability and knowledge, few people can get a good job, and no one can be successful, especially a village girl without any important background. I know there are many difficulties before me, but they can never defeat me. I believe my dreams will come true soon. I need more knowledge to enrich myself and adjust to society. So I am applying for Blessing Hands' help, so that I can finish my university study.
Best wishes!
May Wu
Student ID: 259
National Score: 498
Wants to Study News and Media

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