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Monday, September 22, 2008

Josiah Daniell Cutts is Born

Our First Grand child is here.

Announcing the Birth of
Josiah Daniel Cutts
September 19, 2008

Great News!
Mother, father, and son are doing
well. Josiah is our first grand child and the son of our oldest son. My husband and I are happy to hold him at last. Josiah is named for an ancient king of Israel and for a wise man, Daniel, who was a counselor and understood dreams and visions. One of the books of the Bible is named for Daniel. He was born at 8:27 on Friday morning.

Charity Auction

Blessing Hands News

September, 2008
Charity Auction Plans

Three Morehead State University students have volunteered to help us with a charity auction at Chinese New Year. They are taking a class and wanted to include volunteer hours as a part of it.

Andy O'Brien, Casey Hufford, and Jacob Mattox are spending their free time searching for addresses of celebrities online and sending out letters asking for autographed items to feature in a silent auction at the New Year celebration of the Kentucky Chinese American Association in Lexington, Kentucky.

Some Chinese friends have helped translate letters to send to famous Chinese asking for autographed items. I will mail them while I am in Hong Kong and China the next two weeks. Some of our college students in China have also written to Chinese celebrities and Olympic stars asking for autographs and items to sell.

The students in China are painting pictures and doing calligraphy to offer at the auction. We have even thought of putting Chinese characters on small stones
. Some of the professional artists in Yangshuo, China are also sending paintings for the auction. Yangshuo is an artist center and has many talented artists. I will bring the paintings back when I return from China on October 9th.

A Bible study group in Lexington is also willing to help us with some of the volunteer jobs for the auction. They are willing to ask Lexington restaurants and businesses for items to feature in the auction and help with posters and advertising for the silent auction.

Paintings for Sale to Benefit Blessing Hands

Elaine Yeh Helps Blessing Hands Students .

Elaine sends the kids a tithe from paintings she sells and also from her job. She has a wonderful giving Christian heart and is a blessing hand to many.

This painting is wonderful. She is creating another painting especially for the silent auction. This one is so recent that she asked me to give it a name.

I can put you in contact with Elaine if you are interested in buying this painting.

Mike Rayburn, a photographer who would like to help our Blessing Hands students, is offering photos for the silent auction. He has taught in China and knows the needs of the students there. He is planning to offer photographs that people can choose to be framed. I went to see his recent show and wondered why his photos of Yangshuo looked so much better than mine.
Linda Brewer is also giving a painting to the auction. Linda is a professional artist who has a studio at the Rowan County Arts Center. She is a sponsor of a Blessing Hands college scholarship student.

Alice Deng lacks only $220

Four different sponsors have given toward Alice's $500 Scholarship. She just lack a little more. Will you help her?

Google Checkout donation will let you give any amount.
Huang writes that he urgently needs help

Huang is already at his vocational school hoping to learn about business management. He is hoping still for a scholarship but no one has picked him yet. Please help this worthy student.

Google Checkout Huang needs $500 to continue in School
Gloria Wei Especially Asks Help for Wu
Wu is in need of help, he needs a scholarship. His father died, he would follow his mother's life and advice. His home land is little. "My mother is very old, and can not do heavy work. Family income is less." Can we be able to help him find financing. He is introverted, not to say too much with the family, is not very good at expression.
Gloria Wei (Blessing Hands Administrator)
If you want to help Wu give with this button donate now, or send you check to Blessing Hands, 106 Timber Lane, Morehead, KY.
More baby pictures can be seen online at this address. There are only a hundred or so.
Blessings indeed,
Betty Cutts

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Mid- Autumn Moon Festival

Blessing Hands News

Happy Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

Dear Friends and Supporters of Blessing Hands,

I want to wish you all a happy Mid-Autumn Festival or Moon Festival as it is called in other parts of the world. I heard that it is celebrated even in Thailand and Korea. I have been getting lovely cards from Chinese students who are delighted to get a three day holiday.
The highlight of my day was a picnic sponsored by the Kentucky Chinese American Association in Lexington. My son Ross and his very pregnant wife Rachel came too. Michael Anthony Howard and my husband, David Cutts, enjoyed the great food and fellowship as well.
We were able to put up a table to introduce our Blessing Hands kids to the Chinese families who came for the festival. 23 people signed up for our newsletter and many more took brochures and information.
Eric Zhang, who is one of our board members, arranged for me to have a display and introduced Blessing Hands to people who stopped at the table. He could tell them all about our kids in Chinese, while I answered any questions they had. We had such a warm welcome. Many were enthusiastic about our cause, and I hope to hear from some of our new contacts soon.
One person will do some translation for us and others wanted to study our website and Blog to see if they want to support a college scholarship student. You can see our students still needing scholarships at this link.
I was excited to get another $500 scholarship in the mail today unexpectedly. That makes 19 students getting scholarships now. I hope all of them get scholarships. They are working very hard to fulfill their dreams. Let's help them.
You can give with this Google Checkout link
or send a check to Blessing Hands, 106 Timber Lane, Morehead, KY 40351
Thank you from our students.
I almost do not have the money and facing the possibility of dropping out of school. Only because of your help, I can go to my college. My specialty is Chinese, I study in the literature college of arts.
Sunday Liu

Thank you so much ! I hear the news today. I'm so happy and so thanks you. Thanks the other people who willing to help me. Yes, I know the God is equal. I'll treasure this chance which is so hard-won. I 'll remember the words, "No gains without pains'. I'll go to my school on Sept. 15. Now when I 'm thinking that I really can go to college, I'm in the great happiness. I would have the better chance to make more progress that I can have more abilities to help the other people ...........
Best wishes!
Huang Heng
I told our administrator in Yangshuo to go ahead and fund Huang for a $500 Scholarship even though only $300 had come. Another check came today for $50 more than I expected. I am out on a limb with this scholarship. Please help me get off this limb by giving the rest of the money she needs - $150.
Visiting Scholars
Our college is a sister college to Guangxi University and every year visiting scholars come for 9 months. We have two delightful Chinese English teachers that have just arrived. All the scholars tell the new scholars to look for me, so I have no trouble making friends with them. Two of our administrators in China are former visiting scholars that I got to know when they were at Morehead State University.
The new scholars are already helping me with Chinese translation. Debby Wang has given her voice to a 30 second commercial for our kids that I hope to place in Hong Kong either by Internet news or TV. Johnathan Thornsberry has worked hard on our public service announcements and is learning a lot in the process. You can see the English version on Youtube at this link. Debby is reading it in Mandarin in the photo here. They went to the Mid-Autumn Picnic today too.
I leave for China on the 23rd of September for 17 days. All you students and friends in China, I am looking forward to seeing you. I will have a dinner with the college scholarship students in Nanning on the 27th and lunch with the ones in Guilin on October 8th. We will have two gatherings of older high school and middle school students to give out tuitions.
The students are also being asked to do some drawings or calligraphy that we can feature in a silent auction in Lexington, Kentucky for Chinese New Year in 2009. Some of the college students are writing famous people for autographs to auction. I will be carrying a lot of things home this time. Some professional artists in Yangshuo will also donate paintings for us to auction.
I will be telling you all about this trip in newsletters and taking a lot of film for Johnathan's projects.
Betty Cutts
Blessing Hands
606 784 4785
Autumn in Morehead
The leaves will be falling here soon. Don't let our kids fall with them. Help them grab their opportunity for college before it is gone. Donate here

Friday, September 12, 2008

Blessing Hands' Sponsors are Blessing Many!

"Thank you" from our Blessing Hands Students!
They appreciate your Scholarship gifts.
  Sponsors like you are making lives change.

The day after tomorrow, I will go to college to check in. If there is not your help, I can't get to the college. So I know I must work hard, and return you and all the people helping me.



I KNOW the news today. Blessing hands give me the great help. It let me see the spring of my future. It give me the bless. I thank blessing hands so much, and after finishing my study, I WILL try my best to help others,making blessing hands spread everywhere,making the world full of bless.
    I will remember blessing hands forever. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

I will go to school on the next day. Believe me ,I will try my best to reach my dream!! Only with your help ,I can fly in my sky. I will move my dream of flying. I know that, give me a blue sky.  I can fly very high. I so thank you for you and blessing hands。 I will use my efforts to repay all the people who love me and care about me 。 I will always pass on the love。
Your sincerely, 

I am very luck to hear that I have been picked for a $500 scholarship. Thank you for you help! With your help I can continue my further study. My family are all very happy to hear the news. My parents' pressure will be less. I don't know how to show my thankness to all the friends who have helped me. I will do my best to help more people! And I will study more hard at college! I will go to college to start my college life tomorrow, I am very, very happy now!  I'd like to share my happyness with you! Thank you again!

* The student's English is corrected with a spell checker, but we leave some mistakes when they don't interfere with clarity.

Deng' Letter.

 Alice Deng is already at her new school and has somehow paid 1500 yuan ($219 US). Perhaps she borrowed it. She needs another 1000 yuan ($145 US) by October 1st to stay in school.  Really she needs a full $500 scholarship since her vocational school is more expensive than colleges.


Keep her in school  by giving with this button or sending a check to Blessing Hands, 106 Timber Lane, Morehead, KY 40351.

Huang is accepted into college.

 I've been accepted by Guilin Teacher's college, and my school will open on September 15. But I have not got enough money to school. I 'm so want to college .......Betty,please best wish to me ,and I 'm thinking some how to help myself now .  
Good luck!


Huang and I have been anxiously waiting for her college letter, and finally she has been accepted almost last of all. She wants to be a teacher. She has $300 toward her college tuition and only needs $200 more. An opportunity is a terrible thing to waste. Please help her.

Huang's Scholarship Essay

    I am Huang.  In my family there are my parents, my brother, four sisters, and me. But my older sister married two years ago, so I have seven people in my family now as is the custom of China. My parents and my brother are farmers, and they are all poor in education. Four children are all in school in my family. My parents have to work hard but make little money to support our family. In other words, their labor force is low priced. They overwork to pay all our life and school expenses. When I see them so tired, I really want to grow up more quickly qlnhmhuangheng07.JPGso that I can help them more.

I have been a blessing Hands student for two years. In these two years, I received lots of help and love being in the Blessing Hands family. These gains let me know more new things. There must be difficulty in life. We should face it strongly and bravely and live a full life with a heart of love and thanks. I love life and the world. I hope I can do more for the world in the future, like helping the poor as you do. All these need more pay, and I need more of a chance to make more progress.  So I hope I can receive more help from Blessing Hands, so I can go to the university.

Well, I know it is very important to give a hand to others. Telling you some good news, I also can help others in life as well as study. Please believe me that I will do it better and better. After I graduate from senior school, I think I can go to the university. Then I need your help.  I want to apply for the help which can afford my expenditure for my university.

Now I here sincerely apply for help. If I can receive the help, I will study harder to return it to Blessing Hands and society in the future. At last, no matter what the results of my application, I will respect Blessing Hand's decision.  Thank you all the same.

Best wishes,


Student ID: 200
National score :435 

Major: Education

Please help Huang finish out her scholarship. Google Checkout
Just click on Google Checkout and give any amount for her scholarship.

Henry Huang's Letter

Hao  are you,
          Expect your help.  Thank your help always to me. Wish that you are in the mid-autumn happy , every day joyful,
Henry Huang.

Henry starts school on the 15th and has not received any support yet. He wants to go to Guilin University of Technology in Electronic and Information Engineering. Please help this worthwhile young man. by clicking on our donate page.

I received the letter below from Joy, one of the scholarship students funded last year. I am so pleased that she is being a blessing hand to new students arriving on her campus.  She knows what it is like to have no money to go to school.

I want to share my feeling with all the Blessing members.

The 6th and 7th of August was the time the new arrivals registered. Many of us are responsible to greet and guide them to report for duty. I warmly greeted a new arrival and her father who came from Hechi, Guangxi province.

When I guided her to report, I knew her lack of money; she wanted to go to school by the "Green Access" which is set by the Government. Through this way poverty students can access college successfully but provide a loan. Something warm and distressed floated in my heart immediately that was not only because the situation of her family, but also something same exist in us. The most important reason was her father recalled me my dear father.

Last year, before I went to school, what my father said and did all came back to my mind. In my opinion, parents can't take their children away from their heart, in their eyes children are only children whatever how old they are, where they went, and what they did.

But I didn't want myself to be so worried, I wanted to be a understanding girl. So I helped her finish to report and led her to the dormitory to put away all the luggage. When all to be finished I led them to buy daily articles and have supper.

I talked with them. I knew her father worked in a factory. Her mother and brother work outside, and her little brother is now in middle school. I promised to the uncle I would care and help his daughter in later. They thanked me a lot.  I only said, "It's my pleasure!"

Because it was late and dark, uncle couldn't go home, so I helped him find a hotel to live a night, and the next day he would go home by train. I called the train station to know the time of the last train and left my telephone number. I had to leave when I accepted a call. It was rainy in that time. On my way to dormitory, I bought a bucket as a present to sent to her. It spent my 12 yuan, but I felt happy and successfully. It was dark deeply when I got to dormitory.

The next day, it was a pity, because I had to greet another three new arrivals, so I couldn't send her father to the train station.

Totally speaking, it was a special day, and I had a special feeling.


Hong Joy

Thank you so much for being the blessing hands that you are to our students.

Donate to our students by sending your check to Blessing Hands, 106 Timber Lane, Morehead, KY 40351.


You can also donate with this link through a credit card.

Betty Cutts
Blessing Hands

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

16 Scholarships Received so Far

September 2008

Blessing Hands Scholarships

Sixteen Scholarships Given so Far

Liang has $15 toward her scholarship.

Dear Sponsors,

You are wonderful folks. You have funded sixteen complete $500 scholarships so far- eight in Yangshuo and eight in Qinzhou. Blessing Hands already had twenty-two scholarship students last year, so we will have thirty-eight college students this fall. How rewarding this is to everyone.

Most of the university students are entering their colleges now. However, vocational students are just now being notified of their acceptances. We don't want to leave them out. The latest ones accepted are featured in this newsletter.

You can see the students who have not been funded yet on our photo page at this link. The scholarship essays that have been featured are also on this blog.

Thank you so much for your support and help for our students. Without you there would be no Blessings Hands.

In appreciation,
Betty Cutts

Blessing Hands Blog

Zhang's Scholarship Essay

I am a student in Blessing Hands. First of all, I would like to express my appreciation to Blessing Hands for all the support, care, and love.

Even though I am a high school student, I have a high level dream for life. Although my background of study is not good, I will work very hard and try my best.

I would like to choose a major about information technology or politics and law. I feel like there are a lot of people who need help around us. The reason why there are so many people who need help might be that the economy of our country is not strong enough. This seems not relevant to my major, yet if we can use politics to pay attention to the people, this major seems much broader. On the other hands, I like the subject I am going to choose, and there is a lot of knowledge I need to learn in this subject.

Through Blessing Hands, I feel warm. In the mean time, I understand what love means. Love is soft. Besides soft, it reminds me of something - righteousness. Righteousness is firm. Both "soft" and "firm" make a world filled with notes of harmony.

This is my application for a Blessing Hands scholarship for the fall. My family is poor and can't support me go in a university to study, but I very much want to go, because it's my dPingji Higher Middle Schoolream. I intend to study in a Qinzhou college. Please consider my application for a scholarship.



ID: 172

National Score: 303

Major: Law Administration

Alice Deng's Scholarship Essay

My family name is Deng. I come from Yangdi Town in Yangshuo. I also had a happy and contented family originally, but after some years, my father and mother divorced each other. My younger sister and I live with my father. This was a shock for me. I often feel lonely and sad.

My two young uncles died of illness. My grandfather killed himself soon after my uncles' deaths. My grandmother is blind because of losing her beloved sons. My family has been heavy in debts. Now there are four people in my family - my grandmother, my father, my younger sister, and I. The happy days have never come back again.

My younger sister will graduate from junior middle school. Then she'll go to high school. She is in poor condition after an operation. We live a hard life now.

Alice Deng
ID: 512
National Score: 268
Business Management

These students need your help to continue to higher training. Only if they are picked online can they receive a Blessing Hands scholarship of any amount that you want to give. They have dreamed and worked, but now they need your help to go farther.

Blessing Hands is a 501 (c)(3) charity. Your contribution is tax deductible.

Donate any amount with Google Checkout at the top right of this page.

You can also send checks for any amount to Blessing Hands, 106 Timber Lane, Morehead, KY 40351.

Betty Cutts
Blessing Hands

Friday, September 05, 2008

Vocational School Scholarships

Blessing Hands Newsletter September 2008

Kingsley Mo has received $267 toward her $500 scholarship. She hopes to go to college soon and still needs the rest of her scholarship. Below are the words of one of her sponsors. Melissa has recently moved and didn't think she could give, but she was touched by Mo's essay. You can donate any amount also.

I just want to tell you that I read Kingsley Mo's scholarship application. I was really touched by her words about love. If she is one of the students in need,, I would like to donate $17 dollars. Melissa

Pan only lacks $124. The physics teachers at our local college havegiven $126 for his cause. He major is physics.
Two students, who have recently been accepted by three year
vocational colleges, are being featured in this newsletter. The tuitions for these colleges are much more than for four year colleges, but we still give $500. More of our students may be accepted by vocational schools during this month.

There are many such colleges that send out their letters in September after the reglular colleges have sent their letters of acceptance. These schools serve students who didn't make the higher scores that qualify them for key colleges.

China colleges are quiet different from American colleges. They have to pay their complete year all in the fall rather than a semester at a time. At least that is the way a lot of colleges do it. I am still learning the differences. They can't always change their majors or get exactly what they want to study.


David Yu's Scholarship Essay

My family name is Yu. My English name is David. My family has six people - my father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, sister, and me. Now my sister and I are studying in school. My grandfather and grandmother are in their eighties. They don't have a healthy body. My father and mother are farmers. They work hard but get too little. My parent's income is about 300 yuan ($44 US) every month, so we are living a difficult life.
Although my life is difficult, during my high school years, I worked very hard. Every one of us is talking about the future. What is mine? I have decided to change my home. I have decided to work very hard. I will try my best to get better results and go to a good college.

David Yu
ID: 513
National Exam:354
Die Design and Manufacturing

Jeff Li's Scholarship Essay

My name is J
eff Li. I'm very sorry that I failed my last entrance exam. But I never give up, so I decided to have a try again at Li River School (He repeated the last year of high school.). At first, I found all was very difficult, but now I have made some progress with the help of my teachers and classmates.

My mother died when I was two years old. Now I only live with my father. My father is forty-five. We are living in a mountain area. We lead a hard life, because my father has to offer me to go to school. He expects me to go to a university. I must work hard, so that I can realize my dream and don't make my father disappointed.
Best wishes!
ID: 437
National Score:387
Aircraft Maintance

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Betty Cutts
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