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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

16 Scholarships Received so Far

September 2008

Blessing Hands Scholarships

Sixteen Scholarships Given so Far

Liang has $15 toward her scholarship.

Dear Sponsors,

You are wonderful folks. You have funded sixteen complete $500 scholarships so far- eight in Yangshuo and eight in Qinzhou. Blessing Hands already had twenty-two scholarship students last year, so we will have thirty-eight college students this fall. How rewarding this is to everyone.

Most of the university students are entering their colleges now. However, vocational students are just now being notified of their acceptances. We don't want to leave them out. The latest ones accepted are featured in this newsletter.

You can see the students who have not been funded yet on our photo page at this link. The scholarship essays that have been featured are also on this blog.

Thank you so much for your support and help for our students. Without you there would be no Blessings Hands.

In appreciation,
Betty Cutts

Blessing Hands Blog

Zhang's Scholarship Essay

I am a student in Blessing Hands. First of all, I would like to express my appreciation to Blessing Hands for all the support, care, and love.

Even though I am a high school student, I have a high level dream for life. Although my background of study is not good, I will work very hard and try my best.

I would like to choose a major about information technology or politics and law. I feel like there are a lot of people who need help around us. The reason why there are so many people who need help might be that the economy of our country is not strong enough. This seems not relevant to my major, yet if we can use politics to pay attention to the people, this major seems much broader. On the other hands, I like the subject I am going to choose, and there is a lot of knowledge I need to learn in this subject.

Through Blessing Hands, I feel warm. In the mean time, I understand what love means. Love is soft. Besides soft, it reminds me of something - righteousness. Righteousness is firm. Both "soft" and "firm" make a world filled with notes of harmony.

This is my application for a Blessing Hands scholarship for the fall. My family is poor and can't support me go in a university to study, but I very much want to go, because it's my dPingji Higher Middle Schoolream. I intend to study in a Qinzhou college. Please consider my application for a scholarship.



ID: 172

National Score: 303

Major: Law Administration

Alice Deng's Scholarship Essay

My family name is Deng. I come from Yangdi Town in Yangshuo. I also had a happy and contented family originally, but after some years, my father and mother divorced each other. My younger sister and I live with my father. This was a shock for me. I often feel lonely and sad.

My two young uncles died of illness. My grandfather killed himself soon after my uncles' deaths. My grandmother is blind because of losing her beloved sons. My family has been heavy in debts. Now there are four people in my family - my grandmother, my father, my younger sister, and I. The happy days have never come back again.

My younger sister will graduate from junior middle school. Then she'll go to high school. She is in poor condition after an operation. We live a hard life now.

Alice Deng
ID: 512
National Score: 268
Business Management

These students need your help to continue to higher training. Only if they are picked online can they receive a Blessing Hands scholarship of any amount that you want to give. They have dreamed and worked, but now they need your help to go farther.

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Blessing Hands