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Monday, September 01, 2008

Blessing Hands
August 2008
Zhang and Huang
Two Future Teachers Need Help Going to College

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Ruan now has a sponsor who has gathered up the $500 Ruan needs. How relieved he must be and how good the sponsor must feel to have had a part in changing a person's life.

Chen has received funds from two sponsors. All he lacks now is $235. I know his school is excited to see this help come his way. He had marvelous support from teachers and classmates.

Sunday, however, is still waiting for her help. With her permission I have pasted her latest letter here.

Dear Betty,
Now I am live in a difficult position。I do not knowe what can I do 。The family house almost collapsed in heavy rain, the family has no money built houses。
If I go to universitie, all of the costs of only one p
erson from my own commitment。It will be a hard time during my college。But I have no reason to give up。The only thing I can do is persis in it。
So,I am so need the blessinghands' help。
Dear Betty,I will go to college on 26th, setember.

Sunday Liu
Scholarship Essay

logoThank you for your help during my senior 3 life. My family name is Zhang. I am a senior 3 student of a Qinzhou middle school in Guangxi province. I was born in July 1988.
Now, I would like to tell you something about my family. I come from a five person family. My parents are farmers. My sister is studying in a middle school in my hometown. My brother is a 17 year old boy who is a senior school student. My family is full of happiness. But there is one thing. My family is poor, which makes our future life hard. Fortunately, I got help from Blessing Hands. I would like to say thanks to you again.
I want to go to college to study teaching English. I know that English is more and more important. I hope that more and more Chinese can communicate with foreigners without translators, and logowe can help more and more foreigners who come to China. What is more, teachers play an important role in my life. I would like to pass my thankfulness to more and more people in the future. I think that if everyone passes their love to other people around the world, the world may be a more beautiful place. How do you think about this?

All my best wishes,

National Score: 542

Scholarship Essay

logoMy family name is Huang. I'm from Lingshan. Although it is a country place, I like it very much. I like the people and the air. I like studying very much. I do well in my study. I like my teachers and my classmates. Thanks to your help, I can finish my senior school education. I am so thankful that I cannot express myself. In a word, thank you very much.

My dream is to be a great person, so I can devote myself to my poor village, but my family is very poor. My mother has been dead for many years. Now, there are only two people in my family, my father and I. My father is 68, and he has poor health. As with my mother's illness, we spent too much money, and now my father's income is very low. It's 100 yuan a month ($15).

Now I am faced with the situation of whether I have a chance to go to a university. I wish you can continue to give your hand to me to go to the university. If I can get help from you, I will do my best to study, and I will help anyone who is in need. I wish I can pass your love one by one forever.logo

I want to go the the University of Hunan. My goal is to be a good teacher, because the children of my hometown are fond of knowledge, but many teachers are needed in the village. I want to study hard during my university time, after which I will come back to my hometown and devote myself to teaching. I wish every poor child will have their dreams come true.
Thank you very much for helping me. It's very kind of you to help me before.

Thank you very much.
ID: 223
National Score: 378

College Entrance is Very Competitive

I get the joy of telling teachers and students the good news that they have a sponsor. They are so relieved and elated. Getting into college is quite different from America where colleges are recruiting students with scholarships.

In China too many students are all after the same position in a college. Some are left out and have to try next year after repeating their last grade again. The all important college entrance exam is given only once a year all over China at the same time. If they are sick that day or absent, they have to wait a whole year to take the test again.

They can make very high scores and still not get accepted by a college. They can get accepted but not be able to pay the tuition without the help of a local business, nonprofit, or relatives. Loans are easier for students who are returning to college, but academic scholarships are awarded at the end of their first year of college through selection processes based on high scores. Few students get those scholarships.

We are offering our students this year only a one year scholarship, unless of course their sponsors want to renew their help. We hope that they will get loans or campus jobs to help through the rest of their college life. That allows us to help the next crop of students.

Betty Cutts
We invite you to invest in the lives of our students. One of my favorite sayings is, "People are more important than things." That has lead me to value lives and changing them more than something that will wear out.

Use the Google Checkout button on our Blog to give any amount toward the tuitions of these students. You can also e-mail us for more information and letters of recommendations.

The students are being featured in the order of their scores given by our 4 person scholarship committee, consisting of two Chinese and two English speaking members.