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Monday, September 22, 2008

Charity Auction

Blessing Hands News

September, 2008
Charity Auction Plans

Three Morehead State University students have volunteered to help us with a charity auction at Chinese New Year. They are taking a class and wanted to include volunteer hours as a part of it.

Andy O'Brien, Casey Hufford, and Jacob Mattox are spending their free time searching for addresses of celebrities online and sending out letters asking for autographed items to feature in a silent auction at the New Year celebration of the Kentucky Chinese American Association in Lexington, Kentucky.

Some Chinese friends have helped translate letters to send to famous Chinese asking for autographed items. I will mail them while I am in Hong Kong and China the next two weeks. Some of our college students in China have also written to Chinese celebrities and Olympic stars asking for autographs and items to sell.

The students in China are painting pictures and doing calligraphy to offer at the auction. We have even thought of putting Chinese characters on small stones
. Some of the professional artists in Yangshuo, China are also sending paintings for the auction. Yangshuo is an artist center and has many talented artists. I will bring the paintings back when I return from China on October 9th.

A Bible study group in Lexington is also willing to help us with some of the volunteer jobs for the auction. They are willing to ask Lexington restaurants and businesses for items to feature in the auction and help with posters and advertising for the silent auction.

Paintings for Sale to Benefit Blessing Hands

Elaine Yeh Helps Blessing Hands Students .

Elaine sends the kids a tithe from paintings she sells and also from her job. She has a wonderful giving Christian heart and is a blessing hand to many.

This painting is wonderful. She is creating another painting especially for the silent auction. This one is so recent that she asked me to give it a name.

I can put you in contact with Elaine if you are interested in buying this painting.

Mike Rayburn, a photographer who would like to help our Blessing Hands students, is offering photos for the silent auction. He has taught in China and knows the needs of the students there. He is planning to offer photographs that people can choose to be framed. I went to see his recent show and wondered why his photos of Yangshuo looked so much better than mine.
Linda Brewer is also giving a painting to the auction. Linda is a professional artist who has a studio at the Rowan County Arts Center. She is a sponsor of a Blessing Hands college scholarship student.

Alice Deng lacks only $220

Four different sponsors have given toward Alice's $500 Scholarship. She just lack a little more. Will you help her?

Google Checkout donation will let you give any amount.
Huang writes that he urgently needs help

Huang is already at his vocational school hoping to learn about business management. He is hoping still for a scholarship but no one has picked him yet. Please help this worthy student.

Google Checkout Huang needs $500 to continue in School
Gloria Wei Especially Asks Help for Wu
Wu is in need of help, he needs a scholarship. His father died, he would follow his mother's life and advice. His home land is little. "My mother is very old, and can not do heavy work. Family income is less." Can we be able to help him find financing. He is introverted, not to say too much with the family, is not very good at expression.
Gloria Wei (Blessing Hands Administrator)
If you want to help Wu give with this button donate now, or send you check to Blessing Hands, 106 Timber Lane, Morehead, KY.
More baby pictures can be seen online at this address. There are only a hundred or so.
Blessings indeed,
Betty Cutts