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Monday, September 01, 2008

Chen and Sunny need Scholarships

Chen and Sunny Want to Go to College

Blessing Hands August 2008

Great News!

Enterprises in Pubei have chosen two of our Pubei students to support. One of them was May Wu, who was featured in our last newsletter. Mayor Lou has been helping us recruit sponsors there. We appreciate him very much. He is concerned for the students in Pubei. We are featuring the students applying for college scholarships according to the scores that our four person scholarship committee gave them.dation, and application forms.


logoMy family name is Chen. I live about 50 kilometers away from my school. I live at school except for the summer and winter holidays.
I faced lots of difficulties when I was a child.

We couldn't afford all the necessary medications for my parents, so they left us. When I was nine years old, I became an orphan. My grandfather raised my two elder sisters and me. My two sisters had to quit their education because my grandfather was unable to pay their tuition.

One of my sisters, who lives in Jiangsu province, married two years ago. However, my grandfather is old and weak. My sisters can hardly afford my high tuition of college.
My grandfather and I are supported by the other sister, but we live a poor life.

However, I am so eager to become a doctor that I have never given up my education. I will help all those who need help. In my opinion, "Where there is a will, there is a way." I need your help to fulfill my education.

I was so lucky to have been a Blessing Hands student for two years. I was given not only money but also love and encouragement. I want to become a doctor, so I intend to major inlogo medicine in the university.

ID: 166
National Score: 448


We received this note from Chen's teacher today. It is a better recommendation than any I have read.

I am glad to tell you that Chen Shaocai has received the acceptance of Guangxi University for Nationalities. His university tuition is about 4000 ($585)yuan per year and 7000 yuan in total.His teachers are worry about his schooling fare.He found a job in a hotel and has earned about 800 yuan.He need a scholarship. Let's praying for the boy. I will send some of his pictures to Blessing Hands.


Sunny Chen

logoSunny Chen

Sunny already has $250 given toward her scholarship by a nontraditional student at MSU during our "Pick Me!" event. She just now sent her papers that she was accepted into college. I have been hoping that she would get to use the $250.

Time is running out for our students. We might not get them all featured here before their universities begin. Please go to our photo page and pick one of our students to give scholarship support.

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