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Monday, September 01, 2008

September 2008

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Sunny Received her $500 Scholarship
Sunny Chen logo
I am proud to know you sponsors. You have given so generously and with such heart. Thank you so much on behalf of the Blessing Hands students. I feel really blessed too.
Chen Only Lacks $105
I know that Chen's teachers and classmates have supported him all the way.
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Huang F.
Kingsley Mo
Huang Y.

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Huang F's Scholarship Essay

My name is Huang. First I would like to thank all the kind-hearted people for supporting me during the last two years. I have many words I want to express with my thinking, but here only one word can I use. Thank you very much for your help!

My home town is in Lingshan County. I have two brothers. One is an undergraduate now studying in Hunan Province. The other is a senior student.Although the undergraduate brother applied for the national loan every year, I and my two brothers' tuition expenses are very large. My father earns little because of his sick body. My father always borrows money from some relatives. Without their help, I can't sit in the bright classroom. Therefore, in order to help my family, I need your help too.

My father earns so little that it is hard to support my family, but my mom is a hard working woman, leaving home to work for seven years. Now I have received the help from Blessing Hands, which really reduced my pressures. Therefore I really thank Blessing Hands from the bottom of my heart.

I am eager to be one of the students of Guangdong Industrial University majoring in vehicle engineering. Guangdong is China's economically developed zone. I think choosing such a major will make it better for me to find a job and support help for my family in the future.

Two years ago, I was proud of becoming a Blessing Hand student. Though I will be a worker someday, I will always remember I am a Blessing Hand student forever.

Thank you,


ID: 61

National Score: Unknown

Mechanical Engineering

Kingsley Mo's Scholarship Essay

KingsleyI'm Kingsley. My family name is Mo. There are six people in my family, my grandma, my father, my mother, my elder sister, my younger brother, and I. We are poor, but we live a happy life. My hometown is a beautiful place. If you go to travel there, maybe I can be your guide.

logoI am a student who has received Blessing Hand's help more than two years. During that time, I understand what love is. Love falls like the gentle rain from the sky upon the earth. It is twice blessed: It blesses those who give it, and those who receive it. It is the highest of the highest. We should learn to help others. Where there is help, there is love. How can you hope for help yourself if you show none? I believe if everyone devotes a little love to society, the world will become a place filled with love. I will take my love wherever I go in the future.

Thank you, Blessing Hands! It is you who let me know helping others is glory!

Student ID: 95
National Score: 487
Huang Y's Scholarship Essay

This is
my application for a Blessing Hands Scholarship for the fall of 2008. I was born in a peasant family with five members. My parents are farmers, my elder brother has no regular profession, and my younger sister and I are students. My parents work day and night to feed the family, but we still find it hard to make ends meet. Because of the overloaded labors year after year, my mother has suffered chronic gynecological diseases and has to spend several thousand Yuan on treatment every year.

Under these conditions, my father has to do a lot of labor work to earn tuition for my younger sister and me besides doing the farming. Furthermore, our house collapsed many years ago, and we are too poor to rebuild it. Now, we live with my uncle, and I finished my senior school on scholarship. So, if I pass the university entrance exam, it is impossible for my parents to pay for the high tuition.

I have been the monitor of my class for many years and a member of the Student Union; therefore, I have a strong capacity for organizing and communicating. From elementary school to senior school, my scores always ranked among the best. To go to a university is my dream. Therefore, I really want to get a scholarship to make my dream come true.

I intend to major in marketing and trade at
Guangxi University. Please consider my application for a scholarship to college.
Sincerely yours,
ID: 171
National Score: 397
Major: Business

Join our Blessing Hands sponsor family. I like to treat the Blessing Hands kids like my own sons. I would want my sons to go to college. Help these students fulfill
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Betty Cutts