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Monday, September 01, 2008

Blessing Hands
Yangshuo Scholarships
Invest in their Futures
August 2008

Yangshuo Students Are Accepted into Colleges
Henry Huang's Scholarship Essay

My father had a very bad cancer and died two years ago. What he left was borrowed debt from our relatives of about thirty thousand yuan ($4,390 US). My mother, who is a farmer, has never attended school. She is living at home. It is hard to make money. Now my mother is fifty years old and hasn't any ability to earn more money. My home has little hands to work.

But my mother spares no effort to earn money by working hard for our tuition and food. She gets up early in the morning and goes to bed late. However, it is not enough effort for our costs in school. What is more, my elder sister is studying in a college where tuition and food are very expensive. Luckily, we are working hard at school. I believe that I will have a good tomorrow. I will help those who need it and let them feel the warmth of the world.
Henry Huang
National Score:480
Major: Mechanical Engineering

Wu's Scholarship Essay
I am an 18 year old boy. I have been a Blessing Hands student for two years. I was born in a small village of Yangshuo, China. My family members include my mother and sister. Because of disease, my father left us forever two years ago. All my family was lost in sadness, and my family borrowed 20,000 yuan ($2,926 US) for the medical service.
My mother is a farmer. She has to do all things since my father left us. We have very few units of farm land. The income is very small. In order to make money, mother works very hard. Every day she set out early and returns late, but we are still unable to afford the cost of a university and we also need to pay back the loan.
I thought I could help my mother if I gave up studying, but my mother didn't allow that. She said to me with crying, she doesn't want me to be a farmer like her. She wants me to have a good future by studying in the university.
I know mother loves me. I won't let her be disappointed. I must do my best to study, but I really don't want to see my mother worried about me every day. I don't want to see her health broken down for me. So I hope I can get your help, because my mother and my family really need it.
Wu ID: 481
National Score: 482
Major: English

Lois Li's Scholarship Essay

I'm glad that I have been one of the Blessing Hands' students for one and a half years. I don't know how to thank you enough. When I 'm in trouble, you give me a hand. Now you give me light again.
I come from a family which is full of difficulties. There are eight people in it. My great grandma is too old to do housework. My grandpa is ill, and my mother is suffering heart trouble. All of them are in need of medical treatment, which has made the family fall into trouble. What is worse, in order to change our poverty life, my father has had to work hard for my sister and me to accept an education. Tuition and fees are so expensive that our family is in debt to others. Because of little labor, only my father carries the burden which has made him tired out. Little labor and high expenses makes our family's situation worse and worse.
I hope to change our life by entering college with your help. Though I have failed last year's entrance examination, I believe that failure is the mother of success. I must make my dream come true this year. I'll never give up or stop searching for knowledge to become the first college student in my family. I can't choose what life I have had, but I must do what I can to get what life I will have. I hope you help me realize my dream.

Lois Li
ID: 483
National Score: 497

Janice Li's Scholarship Essay
Because I will attend college, so I apply for a scholarship from you. We all know the college tuition is expensive. To my family it's the same, although in my family only I go to school. Yet my family can't afford for me to go to college. My parents are farmers, and we have only a little land. My brother works in Shenzhen, but his wage is less than 100 yuan ($146 US).
According to this, only if I apply for a scholarship, can I go to college. In college I will try my best to deserve the scholarship. Thus I can finish my career.
If I am awarded this scholarship, I will make sure that the award will be used for the sole purpose of my college tuition. I will value it.
At last, I hope I can receive the scholarship.
Thank you and best wishes.
Yours truly,
Janice Li
ID: 509
National Score: 469
Major: Computers

Amy Xu's Scholarship Essay
Three years ago my father left us forever. Mother, brother, and I felt very sad. We didn't know where our tomorrow was. I should go to senior school, but we couldn't pay for the tuition. So I told mother I wanted to go out of school and make money. Mother didn't agree with me. She wanted me to go to school to study more and more knowledge. She said knowledge is power. Knowledge could change fate and give a hand to other people who wanted to go to school.
Mother and I worked hard two months. Several uncles gave me their money, so I could go to school and go on studying. My brother was still covered by the compulsory nine year basic education, so his tuition was cheap.
Only my mother makes money to pay for our food. It all is not enough usually. My teacher knew my family's situation. She helped me become a Blessing Hands student. I had enough money to pay for food. Thanks very much to Blessing Hands, I could go on studying until now.
Now I hope Blessing Hands will help me go to college. I will find a job in my spare time. Finally I want to say "thank you" to Blessing Hands.
Amy Xu
ID: 414
National Score: 326
Testimonial From Ruan

I am so moved by that sponsor picked me. Thank you. Thanks Blessing hands....... Betty, now I am in Changchun Taxation College. this is a beautifull college. everything is perfict and fresh. now i am adapting the life of college! thank you for your help! thanks.
Students featured In This Issue
Henry Huang
Lois Li
Janice LI
Amy Xu
Yangshuo, China

These students all live in
Yangshuo, China. We have
purposed to give each of
them $500 for their
tuitions for one year.
If sponsors want to
continue the sponsorship
the second year, that is
fine too. The students
will be encouraged to write
to you and do volunteer work
to become blessing hands
to others as they received a
blessing hand.
Blessing Hands started
when I was teaching in
a summer English camp
in Yangshuo with Sister
Cities of Morehead.
Yangshuo is the Sister
City of Morehead, KY
where we live.
Yangshuo is a world class
tourist town that is small
by Chinese standards.
People come from all
over the world to see,
photograph, write about,
paint, and climb the
amazing mountains there.
The rural people there are
very poor like many areas
in inland China. These
precious students need your
help because their families
have fallen on hard times.
They work so hard in
school. I hope you want
to see them pull them-
selves out of poverty too.
Betty Cutts
Blessing Hands
106 Timber Lane
Morehead, Kentucky 40351
Blessing Hands
606 784 4785
This letter is from Elaine Yeh, who teaches Chinese in Virginia. She has been an enthusiastic giver since she first heard of Blessing Hands. She sends a part of each of her pay checks to Blessing Hands. You can see that we agree that giving has more joy than receiving. The letter may encourage you also.
Betty Cutts

I have promised that I am going to tell everyone about how I feel. Like you say, "giving is such a joy", however, I think it is not only joy, but also I am willing to do this from my heart. I always think a good education can bless children's lives and bring a better future for them.

This is not a "one person task". Every time I get my paycheck or I sell my paintings, I have no doubt. I just write a check and mail it. It is a very easy thing, but I always gain so much joy and grateful feelings.

The money is not the point of the matter. I want to do this. I will keep doing this for the rest of my life. I want to also thank Betty for setting up this charity.

Best Wishes,
Elaine Yeh
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