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Sunday, October 12, 2008

China Trip

China Trip
Visiting Friends and Blessing Hands Students in China 
September 2008
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Dear Sponsors and Friends of Blessing Hands, 

Through the wonder of Internet, I hope to include you all on our China trip from September 23 through October 8th. Missy Peace, a friends from the US, and I are visiting five different cities and many Blessing Hands schools and programs. We hope you enjoy the pictures that we are storing on line at the links given.
Betty Cutts
Dragon Heart Foundation 
Jackie Chan has done a lot of charity work with children in China especially after the earthquake this year. He is building schools.  While we were in Hong Kong, we stopped by his foundation Dragon Heart to ask for an item for our charity auction in February. Jackie wasn't there, but we posed with him staff member Maggie and his cardboard image. They will consider our request. Missy Peace, who traveled with me on this trip is to the right.
Missy has a degree in nonprofit management and has been giving me good ideas on this trip. She works with an organization that helps handicapped adults stay in group homes in her community in Pennsylvania. Missy has a student that she sponsors in Yangshuo that we will visit this trip. I have know Missy and her mother, Betty Peace, since she was a little girl.
Crossroads Foundation
I am always sitting next to interesting people on the airplane. This trip I met two lovely ladies interested in charity work. One was Spanish and volunteers with a  charity in Hong Kong called Crossroads. Their webpage can be found at this link. Mr. Wu, a friend in Hong Kong that I met on a plane two years ago, was kind enough to take us to visit Crossroads. Missy and I are standing in front of a sample of the containers that Crossroads sends all over the world.
This charity collects goods from stores and individuals in Hong Kong and sends them in containers all over the world. Getting things into China right next door is harder, however. We applied to be recognized as a cooperating charity and hope to be able to pick up items to hand carry into China in the future. Freight companies give free freight and many volunteers from many nations live in the compound and volunteer their time to the world wide relief organization. It was an inspiring visit.
Nanning China
 Missy and I have enjoyed wonderful Chinese banquets in the last two days. The Blessing Hands scholarship students in the Nanning area gathered on September 27th to have a time of sharing and eating together. You can see the photos at this link. We had a fun time singing together everything from Peking Opera to children's songs. Eleven scholarship students were able to come. One came three hours from a distant city. It is our sponsors who have made these scholarship possible. Thank you.
I also got to meet the Guangxi University students who do volunteer translations for us. They have translated this newsletter. Their teacher is Hongyu Mai. She was a visiting scholar at Morehead State University.
Lu Hanbin, a professor at Guangxi University, asked us to talk to his English class, so we got into a lot of photo taking there too. The link for those photos is here. The student used their cell phone cameras to take a lot of pictures too. Missy and I sang a vacation Bible School song with repeating words that was easy for them to learn.
Check the next newsletter for news about our Blessing Hands students in Pubei. Many of them don't have sponsors. You can choose one to support for $160 a year. They are all high school students.
Betty Cutts
Blessing Hands