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Monday, October 13, 2008

Pubei Welcome

Blessing Hands
Tuition Gathering in Pubei China
Greeting Students  in Pubei  September 2008
Dear Friends and Sponsors of Blessing Hands, 
Pubei is one of my favorite place to visit. We have over 35 students there in several schools. One volunteer teacher there, Jenny, is my old student and is always concerned for the Blessing Hands students.  
There are over 6,000 students at Pubei Middle School. Students and teachers live right at the boarding school.
Pictures of the ceremony and friends in Pubei are online. The students in Pubei don't many sponsors. You can see their pictures at this link. Pick a special student that you can write and support in school. Their tuition is $160 a year or $80 a semester. What a difference education makes in their lives.
Two $500 Scholarships Donated in Pubei 
The students in Pubei have many friends in their city. One of them is Mr. Huang who owns a construction and cement company in Pubei. He donated two $500 college scholarships this year. We hope he will make scholarships a habit. When our administrator in that area, Anna Liu, met him, they realized that they had gone to high school together.
Silent Auction Paintings
Pubei Party Secretary Luo Xianxin is also a fast friend of Blessing Hands. I first met him when he was mayor, but he has recently been promoted to a higher office.  He graciously invited us to lunch and sent a car to take us to Pubei.

This year he gathered paintings from local artists for our silent auction at Chinese New Year. You can bid on them yourself at the auction next January.

Journalists Interviews
Student journalist wanted to interview us for their school newspaper. Missy really impressed the student journalists.

Helen Tan, a journalist with China News, accompanied us on the trip. You can see her article 
online at this link. It is written in Chinese. You can use the Google machine translator  to get the main idea in English and enjoy the photos she took. Her husband Kevin has been a visiting scholar at Morehead State University.

Chinese Hospitality to Sponsors

We have been so warmly received. Several gifts have been given to my new 
grandson. We have barely paid for our own meals since we have arrived. Missy is enjoying the food and new experiences. I am enjoying old friends and new ones. You should all come to China and see for yourselves. Missy is here to visit the 
student she supports at Jinbao Middle School.
We are still hearing from students accepted into colleges. We need more scholarship for these 
newly accepted students.  
Please become a sponsor for one of our students. They are so excited to see us. They would be just as excited to have your friendship.
Sponsor a high school student for $180 a year.
Sponsor a middle school student for $50 a year.
Give a college scholarship for $500 a year.
Thanks for your support and care for our students. You all make their lives in school possible.
Betty Cutts