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Friday, November 07, 2008

Yangshuo Service Area

Missy Meets Her Special Student

The last places we visited in China were the Yangshuo and Guilin areas. Missy Peace was really excited on our first day visiting schools. She sponsors a child at Jinbao Middle School, and she came all the way from the USA to see her student, Wan Luoyu. I don't know which one was the most excited. 

Missy told Luoyu that people had helped her go to school, and now she was passing that blessing on to Luoyu. We have a movie of their first meeting on Youtube at this link. We gave out tuitions and school aid for two days in Yangshuo as we visited various schools.

It was an unforgettable time. I got to see students an
d match them to their letters and pictures. We gave them small gifts, and they showered us with folded cranes and stars and other homemade gifts and drawings.

They will never forget Missy's blond hair or learning to sing the "Hokey Poky". I also got to tell a story at several schools. Being a English speaker, I chose the story of the foreign Samaritan  who blessed the man who fell among thieves.

lvin Luk graciously volunteered to translate for us as we went from school to school. He works for another American charity that gives support to children in Yangshuo schools, so he visited some of his charges also to give shoes and backpacks. It would be impossible to tell about all the schools we visited, but you can see the pictures at the links below named by schools.

Library Books Given to Primary Schools

One of our sponsors sent $25 to buy library books for the primary school where her sponsored child attends. Malan Cai and Missy had the fun of buying the Chinese children's books for the school. It was amazing how many books $25 bought in China. 

Putao Elementary School will soon get $350 worth of books from the PTA of their Sister School, McBrayer Elementary School. If you want to send money for books to be bought in China, it is very economical. As you can see from the picture, our administrator in Yangshuo, Gloria Wei, was pleased to get them.

Scholarship Students are Reporting from College

Our students who have gone to college are writing about their experiences. Mo Chunyan sent a letter about her volunteer activities. Charmaine is her English name.  We ask them to do three hours of volunteer time a semester, but she has gone far beyond that at being a blessing hand to the children at Xi An Children's Village.

 She is one of the students who only received $250 from sponsors and still needs another $250 to complete her $500 scholarship. If you would like to help her, you can used the Google Checkout Link on this blog.

Dear all,

How is everything? I am Chunyan, and you can call me Charmaine too. I am a college student who has graduated from Qinzhou No.1 Middle School. I’d like to share my college life with you now.

I went to Xi An Children’s Village last Saturday. We had a two hour trip starting at 7:00 a.m. When we arrived it is 9:00 a.m. As soon as we came into the small garden of the village, I was amazed by the children.

Before we set out on the trip, I knew that all the children's parents are criminals. Some children's parents committed a capital crime and were executed. I thought they must be very pessimistic, I felt sad when I heard the news. But, as I reached the village, I found I was wrong! Every child gave us a big smile! That made us feel very warm.

 I was happy to see that the children lived happy lives there. We bought many candies and other little things for them. After visiting the  places around, we handed out our gifts to them. They told us that they were taken good care of by their"loving mothers”. Their smiling faces showed that they were happy. I was moved by them, and I was moved by  the kind teachers."Good bye Sisters!" They said, "Goodbye my sisters and brothers! “Goodbye!" I said in my heart with tears on my face.

I blessed every one of them. I am sure they will live more happy lives in the future.

Thank you!

Scholarship Still Needed

Another student, Lois Li, did not get any scholarship sponsor, but she has enrolled anyway and still needs money to pay the school. She has written again requesting help.  She wanted to major in the medical field, but she has had to major in elecronics and computer studies. That was what the school offered.         

Her tuition is higher than other colleges ($1027), but that often happens when students can't get into the state universities. Please help her with a $500 scholarship.  

Now my father have not a jab to earn money, so I need your hand to help me go through the diffcuty. My mother is hurting heart trouble and my grandfather cannot do anything. What is more, my grand-grandmother is 90. I am studying in Guilin University of Teachnolege. My tuition is so high that we have not enough money  to go to school. If a person can help me ?

I hope that someone will help Lois. If you can only give part of the scholarship, that will still make a big difference to her. You can give by credit card with the Google Checkout button, or send a check to us at  Blessing Hands, 106 Timber Lane, Morehead, KY 40351


Betty Cutts