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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Lexington Gallery Hop Display of Blessing Hands

Blessing Hands

On November 21, I had a great experience displaying the Chinese auction art at the Sisohpromatem Art Foundation Gallery in Lexington during the Gallery Hop.

A gallery hop means several art galleries all join together to be open on a certain night to feature special artists. Since guests go from gallery to gallery, it was a great opportunity to feature the art we will have for sale in our charity auction on January 24, 2009.  We even sold one of the Yangshuo Primary School paintings.

I owe this opportunity to Mike Rayburn, a board member of the foundation who recommended Blessing Hands to Kenneth and Sonya Brooks, who founded the art foundation that serves children in the schools of Lexington, Kentucky. In case you are wondering Sisohpromatern is metamorphosis spelled backwards. That might give you a clue to how creative Kenneth and Sonya are.

$500 College Scholarship Given to Blessing Hands

Mike Rayburn, who has taught English in China, urged Kenneth Brooks and Sonya to fund a scholarship for one of our college students. Mike knows how important a college education is in China. They choose a student who is studying education in Guilin, Zhou Pingping.

Sisophromatem also invited us to put up our art and Blessing Hands display during the Gallery Hop. We got a whole page full of newsletter contacts, three new sponsors, and sold one painting. We have been invited back to be a special featured guest in February.  It is great to be in Lexington meeting wonderful people and representing Blessing Hands.

Pictures of the Gallery Hop
Necia Desiree Harkless

I was delighted to meet some very interesting people at the Hop. Necia Desiree Harkless signed one of her books and donated it to the charity auction. Dr. Harkless' book is about the Kings of Nubia.  I discovered that she is an artist, musician, poetess, and scholar. She has traveled all over the world. We share an interest in early childhood education.
Harkless Website

Mike Rayburn

Mike has volunteered to
help us at the charity auction and will bring some of his photos to sell on behalf of Blessing Hands. He may even frame the photo that
is sold at the auction. He
will make a display of his photos and invite the
winning bidder to select one.
He has also offered to give us some material to mat the Yangshuo children's pictures.

Gallery Guests

So many of the guests were artists themselves or worked at UK. I hope to see them again at the Chinese New Year auction. We do need volunteers for that night if you would like to help. Three organizations are all meeting there on the same night, so there will be a crowd.  Rodney Hayes, a stone sculptor and Louie Magda from Morehead also exhibited.

James Archambeault

James Archambeault is a famous Kentucky photographer, who has published many books on Kentucky themes. I always buy them for my family Christmas gifts. He has been to China, but most of his famous photos are of  the Bluegrass horse country. He was recently in Morehead for a book signing, so I got to ask him for a print for our auction.  He graciously consented.

We would love to have more items donated. If you have a valuable item you can give, we would be glad to have it. You can even get a year end tax deduction for the donation.

Be sure and come to the auction if you are in Kentucky.  There is not a charge for the New Year's program, and you should have a great time.

We also welcome volunteers to help us during the silent auction. Just drop me a line at this address link.
Happy Thanksgiving,

Betty Cutts
Blessing Hands
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