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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Middle School Children Need Extra for Food at Boarding School

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While I was in Yangshuo, I met with the Educational Department representatives to consider their request that we pay more for the support of our middle school kids. I began to realize that our kids in middle school really needed an increase in their support.

We have been asking sponsors to give $25 a semester to help our lower middle school students with food and extra needs that the government does not pay. Our students are boarding at this age and don't go home but maybe twice a month. Children under 15 get free tuition, some free books, and don't have to pay for their rooms, but they do have to pay for food.

The administrator told me that the children's food cost $55 a semester or $110 a year. When I heard that, I could see why $25 a semester was not enough to sponsor our kids. We have 85 middle school students. At least 36 for them don' t have sponsors. I told the school representative that I would present this information to the board, and we would try to increase the support of the middle school kids starting in the second semester.

However, in this economy, the board of Blessing Hands hesitated to suddenly ask sponsors to double their support of our middle school kids. The board also knew that we had already agreed to ask for more money for primary and high school students, since the drop in the dollar had cut into the buying power of our funds. In January ,we will start asking sponsors for $15 for primary children and $80 for high school kids.

The board finally decided to raise the support for a middle school child to $35 for each semester. Of course sponsors can pay the full $55 if they desire. Where will we get the rest of the $55 so our kids would have regular meals each day?

We decided to do a special appeal at Christmas/ Chinese New Year for a food fund for our middle school kids. That is a good time to give to a child, especially when it is food they need, not a toy. $4,675 will feed all 85 kids for a semester. We have already budgeted $25 per child or $2,125. That leaves us needing $2,550 more next semester just for food for our middle school kids.

Will you feed a child?

You can select a middle school student to support at this link. We have placed their pictures online for you to pick. Send mail to tell us your choice at this link.

You can give any amount with the Google check out button on this page and Google will not charge us anything to process it until December 31st.

If you are buying Christmas presents online, remember that Goodshop will give a donation to Blessing Hands, if you buy through this
web site. You can get things from Amazon and other major retailers and give a contribution to Blessing Hands at the same time. Be sure and enter Blessing Hands into the box provided for selection of your charity.

Thanks for caring about our kids,

Betty Cutts

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