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Monday, March 02, 2009

Cherry's Volunteer Report

Subject: Cherry Volunteers at a Primary School
Blessing Hands
Cherry Writes about Her Experiences

Blessing Others
The Experience of a Volunteer
Morehead Silent Auction
Dear Sponsors and Friends,

It is very rewarding to get letters from our college students and see their progress. I want to share Cherry's (Chen Yanfang) last letter. It shows how our students are giving to others what they once received. I am delighted to see them reaching out to help others. Cherry is in the Mathematics and Computer program at Guangxi Teacher's College in Nanning, China. She is from a rural area of Yangshuo County, China. She saw herself in the children that she helped through her volunteer work.

Betty Cutts
The Experience of a Volunteer

My life during the first semester of my sophomore year in Guangxi Teachers College was quite colorful. I've gained a lot of experiences in my personal life and achieved great success on my courses through my hard work.

Under the leadership of the Departmental Student Association, we went to the Fensi Elementary School in a small town called ShiKa to practice the activity of "Serving the countryside". The town was located in a mountainous rural area. We packed all our necessities with great excitement and arrived at the destination finally by bus.

We came to realize how simple the classrooms are and how eager the kids want to learn. All this made us more determined to bring them hope for tomorrow. We also received a warm welcome from the school's teachers. We not only taught kids knowledge from the textbooks, but also played with them. We sang and danced for them on our first day there, and then played games with them and taught them new songs. We helped them during their night time studies. We taught them math, Chinese and the English language word by word. Unlike some spoiled kids in cities, these kids paid great attention to what we taught. Although their life in the rural area was quite harsh, the kid's desire to learn was very strong. They reminded me of my childhood and brought back the feelings I had when I was in elementary school. We were so close that I felt I was a part of them.

I had a great time and learned a lot during our stay. I was reluctant to leave. Although the life there was a little harsh, I enjoyed it and gained a lot experiences. When the time finally came, and we had to say goodbye, we sang together with tears in our eyes. They asked, "When will you be back?" We replied "We will be back. Please study hard and get good scores!". We hugged and waved good-bye finally.

It was full of good memories and joyful laughter inside the bus on the way home. I personally received great experiences, and I told myself to study hard and be a good teacher in the future. I want to be a role model for these kids.



Morehead Silent Auction

We invite our Morehead friends to our Lufei Children's Fund Silent Auction at US Bank this week. The items will be on sale from 9 to 4 in the lobby of the bank all this week until 3:30 on Friday. The student paintings from Yangshuo are also for sale in bins. Come and get a good buy while helping our students with their educational needs.

A New Way to Give to the Students
Two friends of Blessing Hands' kids have indicated they wanted to give more into the general fund for students who don't have sponsors. Many of our high school students still don't have sponsors.

If you would like to give but don't want to be a sponsor, we would love to accommodate you. Sometimes it is just too much of a commitment to be a sponsor, but you don't mind to give to a general fund, or as one person said, the sponsorship is so little money, and we can afford to give more.

A way to do this is to set up a automatic bill pay through your bank account. Money would be sent periodically to Blessing Hands without you having to write a check monthly or quarterly. The bank would write the check and send it out to us with no fuss or bother. Just ask your bank to include Blessing Hands in your monthly bills or start an automatic bill pay especially for us. You just give our name and address (Blessing Hands, 106 Timber Lane, Morehead, KY 40351) and how much you want to give every month or quarter. The bank does the rest usually without a charge.

You can also just send us a check whenever you want for the general fund. We always need funds for our kids and would expand to include more students if the funds were there. Times are hard right now for many people and in China too. We had to delay sending a wire this time until more funds came in for the spring semester in Yangshuo. We don't want to have to shrink our program next year. We always want to expand and help more kids.

These two girls, Wu Yanming and Gan Shuifeng, at Jiulong Lower Middle School are supported from our general fund since they don't have sponsors.

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Betty Cutts
Blessing Hands