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Saturday, August 29, 2009

He Songke Wants to Study Biology.

August 29

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He Songke In his own words
Chinese Colleges

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He Songke has the highest national test score (589) of all our students applying for scholarships this year. He is from the Pubei area of China. and graduated from the best high school in Qinzhou. He has always wanted to be a doctor, and help other people.
He has a 22 year old brother who is also in college and a 24 year old sister who is a worker. He especially needs a scholarship to college. since his college is more expensive than others.

He Songke
In his own words

logo I am He Songke, a student from No.1 Middle School in Qinzhou, China. Blessing Hands has been giving me help since I was in senior 2. I really appreciate the charity.

I was received by Xi'an
Jiao Tong University after the college entrance examination.
I will major in biology when I get to school this fall. I think I have a special fate with bioengineering. I started learning biology five years ago.
I fell in love with this subject, and when I was in senior 2, I studied biology again. It was more complex and interesting, and more surprising, I will study biology at my college, so I am very happy. Maybe that is what we call fate.

But the most impotent thing is that I have a special love for biology. I love the beautiful flowers, the green trees and grasses, the animals and the mysterious world. This interests me and leads me to study what they are and how they are made. Studying biology cannot only help me find a job I like to support my life, but also will give me a chance to know more about this lovely world.

The most important thing is that it can give me a chance to do something good for human beings. For example, I want to develop good medicine for the sick, cheap products for the poor, more food for the hungry and a more beautiful world for us all. I am eager to go to college to learn more.

I had a dream that one day I would become a doctor. When I was young, I saw many people died of diseases. Now, I can see a lot of suffering from deadly diseases. If a person is poor, he cannot afford to go to the hospital. He may buy some medicines from the store and take them, or he does not take any medicine. What he does is to bear the pain. The disease can make a strong man suffer weakness. I feel sorry for them. If a person suffers a deadly disease he needs to go to the hospital, but if he is so poor that he cannot pay the fee, he will refuse to go to the hospital. As a result, he dies. This is terrible.

I have met many difficulties because of the tuition. Both my parents are farmers. Though they work hard, they can earn little. My elder brother is studying at college. It costs lots of money, so my parents can't afford my tuition any longer. I need your help. With your help, I can go on with my study and realize my dream to become a biologist. What you do will help change my life, and maybe the lives of other people.

Thank you!
He Songke

Colleges in China
How do they select students?

Getting into college in China is a very stressful undertaking. There is only one entrance test given every June for several days at the same time all over China.

Students endure pretests and extra tutoring beginning in August to make the best score possible during the all important test. Parents, teachers, and students seem to think of nothing else for the whole year. It reminds me of the civil service exams given by the emperors in old times to select the top jobs of the kingdom. Family honor rides on the test score of their child.

Internet access is restricted during the last month to encourage students to concentrate only on the coming tests. Teachers teach for the test and nothing is allowed to interfere. Even traffic is restricted outside the schools chosen to be test centers.

Students have to submit applications to the three colleges of their choice weeks before the test. They don't know how high their score might be, but they hope and apply.

Many students are competing for key colleges. There is strategy involved to choose the right second and third school in case the first school does not admit them. Sometimes they don't get
a good score or don't get admitted to their first choice of colleges and decide to retake their last year again, hoping for a better outcome. Four of the twelve students applying for college in Qinzhou have repeated their last year of high school determined to get into a better college. Some times no college accepts them although they have a good score. Perhaps too many student with good scores applied to the same college.

When the all important letter of acceptance finally arrives, they have to scurry to find financial help. Even then they might not get the major they want, if too many others have also applied for that major. The colleges make decisions based on the needs of the college or country policies not the desire of the students.

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He has done all the hard work. You can help him and many others that he will help throughout his life.

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