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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Off to China Through Hong Kong

Blessing Hands
Hong Kong Visit to Crossroads
July 2009

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Crossroads Gives Blessing Hands Items

We are in Hong Kong picking up items from Crossroads Charity for the schools in China. Crossroads collects new and used items from Hong Kong businesses and gives them to other nonprofits all over the world. Volunteers from many nations stay there to assist in packing containers, gathering supplies and managing the charity.

In the first picture, you can see Doris Wells
and Charissa Gafoor, the volunteer local staff member of Crossroads, with the donated suitcases we are using to carry items into China. I sure do appreciate Charissa's dedicated work that makes items available for nonprofits. I have a lett
er from the the Education Department of Yangshuo that will explain Blessing Hand's good standing with them and help us get our extra items through even if we do have to pay overweight fees.

We have gotten new children's English language books with CDs, five small regular computers, musical instruments, microphones, and even one set of ping pong paddles and balls. We especially appreciated the computer department. We still have to put operating systems on the computers, and they need monitors since they could not go in our suitcases. Maybe someone would like to donate money to buy monitors in China.
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Eddy Wu

A Friend of Blessing Hands

Three years ago I had the blessing of sitting beside Eddie Wu during an airplane trip into China. When he found out what we were doing for Chinese children, he was eager to help. When I come into Hong Kong he is always gracious to do anything to help us. Without his help we never would have found our way to Crossroads or gotten our suitcases back to our hotel.

Here we are packing the suitcases into Eddy car. He also took us to famous local temples and lunch. He supports two of our Yangshuo students and is sponsoring the digging of a well at one of the primary schools. He is also full of Chinese history and knowledge. He has recruited some of his friends to help the students as well. I hope he will come to Yangshuo with us someday.
Abby Oney is Our Photographer
Abby is a college student who loves taking pictures. Most of the pictures in our newsletter this time are hers, so she not in many of the pictures. Her family supports two Blessing Hands college students that she is eager to meet.

She is also interested in biology and was thrilled with the bugs at the museum shop encased in plastic.

I tell her she is on an assignment like a National Geographic photograph
er. She snapped over 300 pictures just the first day. You can see more of her pictures at this link. She found folded peace cranes in a shop window and managed to make them fly into the clouds.
If you wish you were here.
Betty Cutts
Blessing Hands