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Thursday, August 27, 2009

She Has Hoped for This All Her LIfe

"Let us spread love in every corner of the world."

Lin Jiafeng

Meet Lin Jiafeng. She was rated a perfect 10 by our scholarship committee. She is from a quiet rural village in the QInzhou area of Guangxi Province in China. She only has her 85 year old father left. and sadly he is losing his eyesight. All the illness in her family has made her want to be a nurse. She has been accepted by Gangxi Baise You Medical College. Her national college score is 465. I will let her speak for herself.

My name is Lin Jiafeng. I am a third grade student at Zhang Huang High school.

I am a girl who comes from a low-income, single-parent family. My mother was very ill in my childhood. In order to cure her sickness, my father was trying to borrow money from everywhere and searching for famous doctors. However, my mother's condition did not improve, but it was getting worse and worse. She passed away when I was four years old, leaving my father and me. Since then, my dad and I have been bound by the destiny. We depend on each other when alone and helpless.

Not only does my father rush for our daily bread, but also for the demands for restitution of the medical expense, which he owes for healing the illness of my mother. However, our economical predicament is increasing day by day as my father is working as a farmer, who has poor crops without any other income. As I grew up, my father is getting older and weaker, and he is not able to work as hard as before. Therefore, our life has become more and more difficult. What is worse, sometimes we cannot afford to support our one week of living expense, not to mention a large amount of college tuition.

I am really grateful to Blessings Hands that backed me up silently when I was most in need of help. During my second and third year of high school, Blessing Hands released my father from being anxious for my tuition. Moreover, because of Blessing Hands' help, I could devote all my efforts to my studying without any interruption at that time. It is because of Blessing Hands that I am able to get back my self-confidence during my school years. "Let us spread love in every corner of the world." It is Blessing Hands who helped me most when I was in the second and third years of high school.

I am unable to express with words how much my gratitude is to Blessing Hands that gives me the support in material and spiritual ways. I am pondering in my heart: Blessing Hands, I would like to bless you always. I want "you" to pass on, and the blessing will be sent continually.

After one year repeating, I am admitted to college currently. Although my school achievement is not ideal, I will not give up for pursuing a better future. Constantly, I would like to strive for getting into a better university, studying a good major, and becoming a college student who possesses high cultural accomplishments and moral virtue. I want to not only make a positive contribution for my country and society, but also contribute what I can afford to pass on to Blessing Hands.

At present, my family's financial condition is not good and the harvest of this year is poor. In addition, my father is old and sick and needs prescription medicine often, so we are unable to make ends meet. Now, my family can't support me to go to the college. Between going to school and quitting it, I am totally bewildered and hesitant. Sincerely, I hope Blessing Hands could help me again in order to come to pass my dream of studying college. Thanks, Blessing Hands.


Lin Jiafeng
June 23, 2009

Movie of Lin Jiafeng

You can see Jiafeng for yourself and see why we think she is so outstanding among our scholarship applicants.
Please help Lin Jiafeng be a nurse. All she needs is $500 for her tuition for a whole year. You will be changing her life and the lives of all those she helps in the future.

Be a dream catcher and "Spread Love to every corner of the world" with her.

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