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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Could you Rent Me $440?

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Could You Rent Me 3000 Yuan? ($440 US)
Huang Jiayan's Plea for a ScholarshipSeptember 12, 2009
Dear Betty
I am Huang Jiayan. I am very happy to have a chance to write to you and thank you very much. I am very sorry to bring trouble to you, but I do not know what to do. I quickly need someone who can help me, I am very sorry.
If I enter my college, I have to have 3000 yuan ($440)for tuition, but my family does not have so much money to support me, and my younger brother also will use much money to go to school. My father works day and night. Even he was ill and does not have any rest, but he will not use any money to see a doctor, because he wants to use the money to support me and my brother to go to school. He seems old.
I know you are a good sponsor. I have a presumptuous request. Could you rent me 3,000 yuan ($440 US)? I swear I will study hard and work hard. Once I can afford it, I will pay it back to you. I know I should not do so, but please forgive me. I do not have any other way. Could you please help me? Believe me I will not let you down.
I hope you could help me, because only in this way can I change my life. I am very sorry.
Thank you very much,
Best Wishes,
Huang Jiayan
Yesterday Was My Birthday

What do you do when you get a letter from a desperate student like Huang Jiayan, who has a deadline to pay her tuition? We have a protocol that determines when we feature each student who applies for our scholarships. A scholarship committee reviews each application after they are interviewed. Huang Jiayan's time to be featured in our newsletter to find a sponsor was a long time away from when she needed the money. When I got her letter asking me to "rent" her moneyfor her scholarship, I knew she really needed it now. So I personally "rented" her the tuition in a loan, hoping that when her time came to be featured, she would get a sponsor to cover her tuition and let me off the hook.
For my birthday, I asked friends on facebook to give toward her tuition. Three friends said they would send checks, and another friend said I could apply her recent $150 gift to Huang Jiayan, when I told her the story. Another good friend gave me a $20 birthday check with Blessing Hands on it, saying " I knew not to make the check to you, because you would just give it to the Blessing Hands kids anyway."
I hope these gifts are going to add up to a full $500 scholarship for her, but I am not sure how much the facebook friends are sending in their checks. So I am featuring her in this newsletter and asking other sponsors to send in enough to finish up her scholarship.

If too much comes in, I know other students from last year whose sponsors could not renew their support. They need help too. Please give me the best birthday present I ever had. - education for a student.

Below you can read Jiayan's scholarship essay, and you can see her video at this address.
Huang Jiayan My name is Huang Jiayan
There are six people in my family: Grandfather, Grandmother, Father, Mother, a younger brother and me. We are farmers and live in the country.
My Dad has not read many books, and there is no knowledge for him. So he can only rely on manual work and even little money to be paid for that. My mother is in poor health, and she cannot work hard labor, so the economic consumption is more than a person can maintain. Besides my Grandpa and Grandma's physical condition is not good, and sometimes they need to be taken care of by other people.
I want to go to the university because I want to gain more knowledge. Knowledge is power. If I have the power, I can have the ability to improve the condition of my family as well as helping other people who live in difficulty. My younger brother is also going to high school, so the expense of the family has increased, but my father's meager income cannot afford more. My father does not have the ability to support us. I would like to apply for a scholarship, and I hope to be able to complete the university.

Thank you very much.
Huang Jiayan

National Score 478
Major Chemistry
Logo Please give a gift to Huang Jiayan that will let her have a scholarship instead of a loan from me.
Give by check by sending it to Blessing Hands, 106 Timber Lane, Morehead, KY 40351.
Luo Piaoling Has Her Matching Sponsor

A sponsor has stepped forward to match the offer of $250 for Luo Piaoling. Now she has her $500 Scholarship. Her tears will be ones of joy now.
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