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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Lend Me a Hand

Mo Zongli From Yangshuo

Mo Zongli's Love for His Village and
Family Touched My Heart

Mo Zongli lives deep in the countryside. He could hardly hold back his tears when talking of the difficulties of his family, whom he loves very much. His father has only one arm, but works hard on their measure of land. His mother has been sick for many years. They have almost no income.

logoZongli graduated 16th in his large class, and he longs to go to college. He has repeated his last year of school to achieve a better national score of 501. He has been accepted by the Guilin University of Technology and intends to study electronic business or trade management.

Watch Mo's Youtube Movie to see his heart for his village and family.

Watch Mo Zongli's Youtube Movie
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I will Appreciate It All My Life if You Lend me a Hand

My name is Mo Zongli, a 20 year-old boy. I'm from a poor family. There are four people in my family; my parents, my brother and I. We're live in a remote village. My parents are both farmers, so it is difficult for them to farm enough to support my study.

Fortunately, my parents know it well that the only way I can change my future life is to go to school. Though my parents work hard in the field every day, they can't make much money.

In order to afford my schooling my parents use all the money they can farm, so we still live in a small house with only two rooms. I'm afraid that I can't continue my study in the short future. I need help to finish my studies. I'll appreciate it all my life, if you lend me your hand.


Mo Zongli
Many people joining together can help Mo Zongli. Ask your church, youth group, club, or social club to jointly sponsor Zongli.

Checks can be sent to Blessing Hands, 106 Timber Lane, Morehead, KY, 40351

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