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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Li Li Ling

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Blessing Hands presents Li Liling
September 2009
Li Liling Wants to Major in Environmental Science

(李丽玲) Li Liling wants to major in environmental science or chemistry to help the world be a better place. As you can see from our picture together, she is so petite you would never guess she is 19 years old. She needs a $500 scholarship to attend Guangxi Normal University.

She has a brother and a sister who are thirteen year old twins. They need money for school expenses too. Her parents are in poor health and only have a farm income. She has a sister two years older than her who is not in school. Liling will be the first in her family to go to college. Her national score is 470. She makes money for her family by doing embroidery work. The family of 6 only makes a small income of $176 US per person a year. She attended No. 1 Middle School in Qinzhou.

Her scholarship essay in her own words is featured below. Our charity helps students in Yangshuo and Qinzhou, China with educational tuition and aid. We would like to recommend Li Liling as a student worthy of help by a sponsor.


Betty Cutts
You can learn more about Liling by watching her Youtube video is at this link.

I Am a Child from a Poor village

My high school life was very busy but wonderful. Blessing Hands gave me not only money, but also wealth of the spirit. They let me know that there is love in the world everywhere. They let me know that all the people in the earth are just like a big family. I know the value of spreading love by the meaning of "Blessing Hands". It is their help that made me continue my high school life.
I can't imagine what my life would be without their help. Their help made me continue the way of seeking my dream. I will go to a college to continue my dream, but I know going to college will cost lots of money. I am a child from a poor village. My family can't afford to give me this money.
Would you give me a hand to continue my dream? When someone gives a hand, wonderful things will happen. I look forward to the wonderful things. Whether I can go to a college or not, I will help others as it is possible that I can. If I can go to a college, I will take a part-time job and take part in volunteer activities and spread love throu
gh my hands.

Li Liling


About Blessing Hands
I had the privilege of meeting and interviewing the applicants for our college scholarships before they were selected by our scholarship committee to be featured in our newsletter. They are such earnest, eager students that I would grant them all a scholarship if I could, but we need sponsors to do that. We have 23 students applying for scholarships this year, and we are encouraged that 7 have been selected by sponsors.

When you sign up to be a sponsor, we provide contact information so you can write to them during their college year. We ask them to maintain a 75 GPA and do three hours of volunteer service a semester. Most of them do much more than that. Are you interested in mentoring a Chinese college student?

We like to give them $500 scholarships which will usually covers their tuition for a year. However, we encourage you to give any amount or make a matching challenge by asking other sponsors to also respond. You can also forward this e-mail to people you think might respond to their need.

You can give by credit card at this link on our Blessing Hands web page or send a check made to Blessing Hands to the address below. Our administrators in China will see that your student gets their scholarship.

For more information contact us at this link. Your gifts are tax deductible since we are a 503 (c)(3) public US charity.
Blessings and thanks,

Betty Cutts.

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