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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mo Chunfeng Needs a Scholarship to College

Mo Chunfeng's Parents are Disabled From An Accident

Mo Chunfeng Needs a Scholarship


You can give a $500 scholarships to Chunfeng by credit card at this link.
Checks can be sent to Blessing Hands at 106 Timber Lane, Morehead, KY 40351. Any amount is welcomed.

About Chunfeng

Mo Chunfeng is accepted at
Guilin Tourist University. She wants to major in management or business administration. She has been a Blessing Hands student for three years. She has a 27 year old sister that supports the whole family. She graduated from Baisha High School this year.

She and her family believe in a positive attitude toward life.

You can view her movie on Youtube at this address.

Mo Chungfeng

There are six members in my family- grandma, father, mother, sister, brother, and me. My Mother and Father became persons with disabilities in a traffic accident. My mother's leg was lost, and my Father's leg was broken in two in that accident. After my father's leg was joined, my father had much difficulty working. The bad driver ran away without paying any medical fees. My mother was badly injured, and the medical fee was very high- more than 100,000 yuan ($14,684 US). We borrowed money from our friends and relatives. The money was not enough, so we tried to get a loan from a bank.
So now our family owes a lot of debt. Now my mother has nothing to do but walk with a walking stick and can't look after the family at all. My grandmother was bitten by a snake in in her foot when she was young. Without any money she couldn't go to see the doctor, so she became disabled because of that.
My younger brother will graduate from junior middle school and go to senior middle school very soon. I will go to college, so we will need a lot of money to pay for our schooling. Now the only laborer in our family is my elder sister. There is some trouble to pay for the fee of our daily life, so how can we afford the schooling of my brother and me? What is more, we still have to pay back our debt.
I'm a student who longs for knowledge. I'm looking forward to going to college to learn more knowledge, so I long for the scholarship. I hope you can help me realize my dream of going to college.

Mo Chunfeng
National Score 341

Blessing Hands is a 503 (c)(3) US charity that helps students in Yangshuo and Qinzhou, China go to school. We have had 23 students apply for college scholarships this year and eight of them have gotten sponsors through our newsletter. One more, Mo Zongli, received a scholarship from a different US Charity that has sent him to college.

You can review all the scholarship newsletters on our blog at this link. Chunfeng is the last student to be featured unless some that have not gotten college letters yet are accepted into college late. Thank you for your patience with the many newsletters we have sent out recently. We will go back to only a few newsletters a month now.

Betty Cutts
Director of Blessing Hands