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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Report of the 5 K Run for Families

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A Beautiful Day for a Run
90 Registered for the Run

We had a great day for a Run and a great course. All the runners seemed to enjoy the day very much. You can hear their comments by watching these videos on Youtube or our Flip Camera Channel or YouTube Channel. Check them out. You might see yourself. Photo are at this address. Photos of the Run

Challenging but didn't kill us.
Two called Emily

A Good Run, a Good Course
Colton Halverson, Winner
Blessing Hands' Table

Gunilla Bowling and Tim Kelly
Daryl and Diana Caskey
Student Runners

Runners waiting at the start line.

The Gamma Phi Beta Sorority volunteered at the run. They did a great job at registration and the food table.

The Huang Family helped at the Blessing Hands display table. We were looking for sponsors for our students and displaying the Yangshuo student art for sale. Clark You, a visiting scholar from China, also helped from beginning to end.

5 K Run for Families Awards

Area businesses gave many great prizes for the leading runners in age and gender categories. Everyone got a chance for a door prize. The overall winner with the fastest time was Colton Halverson. He won a $300 home stereo given by Colorama.

Two teams raised money before the run. The team from the Diagnostic Imaging Department of St. Claire Medical Center raised $1,000 with 23 members. The team captain was Kevin Sharp. They even had their own t-shirts for Team Rad. 

The Maysville Community and Technical College raised $200 with three team members
attending. Thanks goes left to right to faculty member Karen May, student Ellen Brown, and vista worker Hannah Diedrichson.

They raised t
heir money $2.75 at a time with a Sacrifice a Soda Campaign. $2.75, the price of three sodas, will feed one of our lower middle school students three meals a day for a week.

Earl and Diana Caskey with friends at the run. The Caskeys run every day.

Not all the donations and expenses are in yet, but it looks like we will have at least $1,400 to divide. Send in your donations now before we settle the run accounts.

If you have received this newsletter because you registered for the run, we encourage you to remain on our newsletter list. If, however, you are not interested in receiving our regular newsletter, just unsubscribe safely in the line above the header. Our newsletter comes about twice a month and gives news of our kids in China and Blessing Hands events.  Your information has been saved to contact you about the run next time.

Warming Up
Great News

Qin Qiong just got a $500 scholarship given by a Morehead Businessman.
Now she and her sisters can get an education.

This makes 9 new scholarships given through Blessing Hands by sponsors. One student, Mo Zongli, received a scholarship through another Yangshuo charity after his need was advertised by the Yangshuo TV station.

If you are thinking of giving a scholarship,
now is the time to act.

Link to give

Forward this e-mail to
 your friends and family and change a life.

Checks can be sent to

Blessing Hands
106 Timber Lane
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Phone: 219 232 8887

Ezra Dike, Habitat Director               Jamie Sparks, Physical Education                                                                              Teacher at McBrayer Elementary School and Runner

Dustin Coyle, Youth Pastor At First    Bob Grueninger, retired MSU PhD.
Baptist Church and Runner              Teacher and Runner

Jan Lewis from C.Roger Lewis Real Estate Agency and also a Runner

Committee Members of the 5 K Run For Families

Thanks Everyone,

Betty Cutts
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