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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Recent Letters from College Students

October/ 2009
College Students Report

Thanks to you, we have 11 new Scholarship in the works!

I want to thank all of you who were moved by the needs of our college students and stepped up to help. I have one last challenge to give you.

A sponsor who is out of work has given $100 toward Mo Chunfeng's $500 scholarship. I want to challenge you to match his sacrifice and complete her scholarship.

All it would take would be for four more people giving $100 each or 8 people giving $50 each.  She has recently written again to ask for help. I know some of you have thought about giving, but never did it. Mo Chunfeng's need is your chance to help. This is her letter.
My name is Mo Chunfeng, my house is located in a small village. As a child my mother went to town to work, but only eked out a living. Unfortunately, my mother was in a car accident in 2002, and we had to go around the whole family to borrow money to pay for her medical expenses. But my mother was disabled, and my family's little source of income was cut off.  What is undoubtedly worse. is that Dad has always been frail, and my grandmother has been disabled since childhood. 

Now my younger brother is in high school, and our family has put all their hopes on me. I would also like to support my family as soon as possible. I have always had a dream to go to college, but the university tuition fees for our family is undoubtedly out of reach. 

I hope that good people can give me a hand out of love. I would be grateful.


Mo Chenfeng  莫春凤
Featured Students
Huang Zhang Er

Dear friend, are you
all right?
Yesterday, I took part in the British charity's Save the Children volunteer training activities. A  total of more than 50 volunteers are involved in the training activities. I am very happy to know so many caring volunteers and friends. They are excellent  and very humble. Yesterday, I trained a total of one and a half hours.  Under the agreement,  in the coming year, in my spare time I will be doing volunteer work.  My job is mainly to teach elementary school kids at Yuxing Primary School some cultural knowledge.  I am very worried because I am afraid I will not be able to teach good. I want to bring them knowledge and happiness..

Zhang Er is fully sponsored

Huang Xuan
 First, thank you for your help.
  Then, I will tell you something about my college life in Changsha.
At the beginning, I couldn't  adapt to the new life here, I often felt homesick. I didn't know what to do. Luckily, I came across a group of lovely people. They're my new classmates.We come from different parts of the country,and we make a new big family here. Now, I have made many friends here. As to me, I just try my best to do everything I will come across.
    Everything here is going well.
    Last, I want to say thank you to you again.

 Huang Xuan
[黄 璇

Xuan is fully sponsored.

Lin Jiafeng
Dear sponsor,
  Thank you very much for helping me in my troubled
time. I am a student at You Jiang Medical College for Nationalities. My name is Lin Jiafeng. I am very grateful for you because you have given me a university  scholarship which is very important for me.
  I am majoring in nursing in Guangxi Province of China. I  have made up my mind to study harder.

Jiafeng was the first student to get a new scholarship this year. She made the highest score in our scholarship process. I am sure she will do well in college.


Jiafeng is fully sponsored.

He Songke
I am He Songke, a student. I am very happy to tell you that I am at college now. I am enrolled in Xia Jiaotong Universty . I like it here, and I like studying here. I know I will learn much after I study here for 4 years.

I want to tell you something. I joined  a club in our school. Its name is 扬帆社。 It helps helpless children very often. I Joined the club because I want to help them in their lives and study. I know what I can do is limited, but I will do as much as I can to help them. And what is more, I want to carry forward the spirit of Blessing

The Biology and Ecology Clubs at Morehead State University have chosen to help sponsor Songke. He still needs $50 if you would like to help him top off his scholarship. Give at thislink by credit card.

Report by Abbie, Betty, and Doris of their July China Trip.

     People ask me how many times I have been to China. I have lost count. I will go again before April 30th because my Skymiles expire then. I am always eager to go and see what is happening with our students and friends.

     I am posting a news report that appeared in our local paper after we returned from our last China trip. Abbie Oney and Doris Wells give theirimpressions of the trip along with me.  I will give you a quote here, but you can read the whole article at this  link.  July China Trip 
Abbie Oney:  My trip to China has open my eyes to the world and to people that I have the ability to help, knowing that if our situations where switched they would do the same for me.

You can see pictures of our trip at this link. 

Photos of China


Yangshuo Fishing Birds

                                        Grandmother Mo
Sacrifice a Few Sodas

For the price of a few soda pops($2.75), our middle school students can eat three meals a day at school for a week. We have 53 middle school kids who need these meals. The price for a semester is $1,930. Through vacation Bible schools and the 5 K Run for Families we have raised $1,054 of the needed money. That just leaves $876so they can all have vegetables and some meat with their daily rice. Help them have a full stomach every day.

You can send your checks to Blessing Hands, 106 Timber Lane, Morehead, KY 40351 or give at this link on our web page. 
 Middle School Meals   

Sincerely with Thanks,
Betty Cutts

Blessing Hands
106 Timber Lane
Morehead, KY 40351

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