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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Happy Holidays from Blessing Hands

Christmas Shopping with Goodshop & iGive

I want to remind you that you can give to your Christmas list folks and help our Chinese kids at the same time.  

Goodshop.com and 
iGive.com are two portal sites online that allow online purchases started from their page to count toward giving a small percentage of the cost of an item to our kids.

We have registered as a charity. All you have to do is go to their web pages to shop and list us as your preferred charity and shop from their portal with large retailers like Ebay, Best Buy, and Expedia. com. Shop online at over 700 brand name stores and a portion of  your airplane ticket, Christmas gift, or Ebay auction purchase will be donated to Blessing Hands.
China Intern needed

We are looking for a Morehead State University student to be our intern next summer and fall. If you are a junior or sophomore now, you can apply for our $500 grant to go to China next summer for a few weeks in July. 

When you return to Morehead State in the fall, you will be our Blessing Hands representative on campus to help promote our kids' needs with campus talks and activities. 

You can get grade credit as a special problem student or intern depending on your qualifications.  For an application that needs to be sent back by January 11, 2009, call 606 784 4785 or write to Bdcutts@blessing-hands.org 
  Volunteer Reports

We ask our college students to do three hours of volunteer service a semester and send us a report. They do many more hours than three. 

Huang Juanhua (黄娟华) works with disabled kids.

I went to the natural history museum to be a 
guide for a  day . When the teacher asked who voluntarily wanted to go,  I  raised up my hand, because I want to exercise my eloquence. After I finished the work, my voice was hoarse, but I think it was very meaningful.
 Xie Meiling 谢 美玲 

 term, I went to the Welfare House in Songjiang District to visit the elderly people. We planned to know something about their everyday life, chatting with them and making them less lonely. So we did. Some of them have to lie in bed all days and some are living without any relatives in the world. Seeing their smiles, we couldn't be gladder. 

        I also went to a large local supermarket to do some activities for the purpose of helping some kids in Songjiang before New Year's Day. First we placed a few trees at the entrances of the supermarket. In the trees there were many cards. It's up to the customers to pick up the cards and then donate for our kids. I think it was a creative way and how rewarding it was. I'd like to bless those lovely children and people who are warmhearted.  Tang Hua 唐华

I am very proud of our kids who are becoming Blessing Hands themselves. Please help them stay in school.

This is the season for giving. We hope you will remember our students' needs.


Blessings to you and yours this Christmas.

Betty Cutts 
Founder and Director of Blessing Hand
Please consider giving food money for our junior high students for next semester. They need extra money so they can have good meals at school. $2.75 will feed a student three meal a day for a week.  You can send a check to Blessing Hands, 106 Timber Lane, Morehead, Ky 40351 or give by cards at the link below.  Get your end of the year tax deduction and help a hungry child.

Give to Lower Middlle School Kids' Food

So many students wrote to thank you supporters at Thanksgiving. I have put a few of their letters here without editing.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!  Thanks for you have be
en helping me for four years.I feel very happy. I bless you from the bottom of my heart..  Zhang Xuxin 绪新      .

 Happy Thanksgiving!
  Today is a special day, for me, for everyone. I hope my wishes can make you happy.I t is a big holiday,in my heart.  I have been believing it have important mean:there is love, so we thank, love link up us. Zhou Pingping 周萍萍 

    Today  is  a special  day -  Thanksgiving  Day. I  want  to  sincerely  say  thank  you  to  you.  When  I  were  a  high  school  student,  you  have helped  me  for  three  years  and  helped  me  get  through  the  difficult  days. Now,I  am  a  college  student, and  you  still  help  me. I  know you all  work  hard  to  help blessing  hands  students. Thank  you!  And  please  pass  my  appreciation  to  your  partners  and  all  kind  people  that  have  helped  blessing hands!  Su Lingyun  苏凌云
   Today is Thanksgiving, thank you for the help has been, thank God I met you, know you I am very happy.Thanksgiving is a disclosure and infiltration dry soul, Thanksgiving is a fire, warm the cold waiting for. Thanksgiving is a lamp, light the lost hope. We should now have all the Thanksgiving and happy life.  Liang Youfen  梁 又分   

Sponsors and Donors


Now is the time to give to support your special student for the spring semester. You can give by checks sent to Blessing Hands, 106 Timber Lane, Morehead, Ky, 40351or by credit cards online at this link.

High school students need $80 a semester, middle school kids need $35 and primary kids get $15.Contact us if you need to know more about what is needed by your student.

Businesses are encouraged to give before the year is up so they can get a timely tax deduction. We have schools that need new wells and libraries, if you would like to do a special project to benefit many students.