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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Fuse the Muse


Fuse the Muse with Blessing Hands
  Intern Selected to Go to China

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Fuse the Muse Accepted Our Proposal
Photography Workshop in Yangshuo
Johnna Bockover and Betty Cutts will hold 4, four-hour photography workshops for 60 students this summer.

Our Blessing
Hands students in Yangshuo will be learning how to express themselves through photos. Our idea is to teach them the use, value, and creative release of photography while showcasing Yangshuo, China and their lives.

Children who had never used a camera or had a picture of themselves would be instructed in technique, editing, and presentation of their own photographs, their schools environment, and 
hometown.  Emphasis would be on self expression, photography as an art, and techniques of presenting their photos through computer editing of digital photos and presentation online. Each child would get one print of their selected photo. All photos would be stored online for the viewing
 of everyone. Johnna's blog is here. 
Presentation of project:
Photos produced by the students will be featured in a book, online, and also in an art show at the Rowan County Arts Center. 
Mike Rayburn will assist with the framing and presentation of the art show in Rowan County. Betty Cutts and Johnna Bockover will produce the book and online presentation.  All partners will participate in the art show preparation and presentation. The overall project will be documented for presentation to interested individuals in a PowerPoint format. 
If you would be interested in helping with this project,  contact us. This project will cost $2,928 including the $500 stipend given by the Fuse the Muse Project, which solicited the proposal. 
If you want to give toward this project, we need used or newdigital cameras for the kids to use.

          Laura White is Our Summer Intern

Blessing Hands is blessed to have Laura White for our summer intern. She will be part of our Fuse the Muse Photography work shop this summer.  

 Laura White 
Our BH students will photograph their town, school, and families for a published book and photo show. Laura will make a PowerPoint of the photography project and Chinese trip. She will be showing the PowerPoint in public showings at MSU and in the community during the fall semester. She will be earning a fall grade for her work in the intern program and helping advocate for the students of Blessing Hands during the MSU fall semester.
logoLaura is the daughter of Ray and Marisa White of Morehead. She will be a senior at MSU in the fall. She is a member of Kappa Delta Sorority and serves as their community service chair. She is also a member of the Rowan County Executive Democratic Committee. She teaches swimming and water aerobics, and participates in Zumba/Fitness. She is a health promotion major and hopes to work in a career that promotes health and health education. 
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