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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Latest News about Wei Senbao

Blessing Hands

Latest News about Wei Senbao
Beijing Children's Hospital Admits Him

Wei and his mother in the Nanning Hospital
Beijing, August 18, 2010 - Wei Senbao and his mother arrived in Beijing yesterday and were met at the train by representatives of the Chinese American doctor who has donated toward his care. There was a last minute panic concerning a $4,478 deposit that the hospital needed before they would admit him.  We have raised only $3,000 for his care so far, so Mandy and I didn't know where the extra money would come from. Fortunately the Blessing Hands account had enough money in it to cover the extra $1,478 needed for his acceptance into the hospital, but we will have to replace that money since it was budgeted for other needs.
Laura White and I have pledged to raise that much to replace the deposit borowed from other projects, and we hope that you will help us. Laura has been working really hard to place Wei Senbao's need in the Lexington  paper and on TV, but we need your help to spread the news about Wei farther afield. Laura says Wei Senbao is constantly on her mind.
I hope some of you will make a personal webpage through First Giving which can be used as a viral fund raising method. Any of you computer geeks can make such a page and send it out to your friends who can pass it on to their friends.   Blessing Hands is registered with them as a qualified charity. Just go to this website dedicated to Blessing Hands and get started. You can add personal ideas and photos as you like. Photos of Senbao that you can download are at this URL.  You can get ideas from our Blessing Hands regular website.
Mandy Ma with Wei and His Mother
Mandy Ma, who is escorting a tour to Beijing which allowed Wei Senbao and his mother to join the group, will be checking on him at night when she isn't working. She offered to guide them for free if they would pay only her food, travel and lodging. That way her ticket to Beijing was paid, and she could help Wei and his mother get there too. She will have to leave with the tour group, however, so we hope Wei and his mother will find assistance from Beijing friends. Mandy unselfishly loaned her own money for his care in Nanning, so I was glad to be able to pay her back.
 You can see the First Giving Page I created at this link.
Donate $25 here with PayPal.
Give on our website at our special Wei Senbao page and see a video of his village's school.

Carol needs a University Scholarship

Carol Feng
Feng Xi comes from a small village and struggled to get her high school education. She wants to be a Chinese teacher and return to teach in her small village. She wants the children there to see the value of education, especially the education of girls. Please give her help by contributing toward a $500 scholarship for her. She has been accepted unconditionally to the college of her choice, Liverpool University. Her scholarship essay is below.
You can see her scholarship video at this youtube link.
       My name is Feng Xi, and my English name is Carol. I have been helped by Blessing Hands for three years. Thanks for your help these years; I can complete my senior courses, so I show my deep thankfulness to you.
       I live in a remote village in Fang Chenggang. My parents are farmers and earn only about 600 yuan a month ($89 US) . Worse still, they often get ill, so they can't do heavy work. My brother will study in middle school, and I will go to college. Years ago, our family owed a 50 thousand yuan debt($7,462 US) and it still has not been paid off. My father had two brothers, but they died years ago, and their wives and children still need our help. So my father has to support three families. Last year my grandma died, and my father had to borrow more money for her funeral. So my family cannot afford my college.
       Because of their poor life and the poor teaching conditions, the children of our village hardly went to school; I am one of the few lucky students. I dreamed of studying in college when I was a child. I desire to see a bigger world. Only in this way can I save my poor family, and I can give hope to the other children in our village and let them be confident in studying. I hope one day not only me but also they can get out of the mountains and save their poor lives. But this is only my dream. My parents cannot support my study anymore, because the cost of college is so high.
       So I am applying for Blessing Hands. I have been admitted by a collage, I hope I can get your help in my first year. I am eager for your help. I believe love can be passed .One day, if I can; I will do my best to help another just like you do.

  Feng Xi

Blessing Hands is a public charity in good standing with the IRS and the State of Kentucky. Gifts to our students will qualify for a US tax deduction.
Please give for Carol's Scholarship on this page where you can choose to give $250 or a $500 donation.  Or you can contact us about other donation amounts or just send a check for the amount you desire to give to Blessing Hands, 106 Timber Lane, Morehead, KY 40351.
A education is a terrible thing to waste.
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 Betty Cutts for Blessing Hands