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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wei Senbao is Getting Help

Subject: Fantastic Photos from Yangshuo and Good News about Wei

Blessing Hands 
Blessing Hands
Wei Senbao is Getting Help

Laura White Raises $1000 for Wei's Medical Care
See a movie about Wei Senbao's  village  and donate on our website at this link.  

Wei and his mother with Mandy
Wei with his mother
Laura White, our intern for the summer, has really taken Wei Senbao's case to heart. She has featured him on her Facebook page and written an article about him for our local paper. An excerpt is below, but you can read the whole article with a picture at this link.
"We saw him standing in the back with his mother, he was a three-year-old little boy, and he had what looked like a goiter on the side of his face. It was just two fists of tumors, it was huge," White said. "The translators asked his Mom for us what was wrong with him, and she said he was born that way. His father had left when the little boy's mom was pregnant, so he's not in the picture. In Chinese culture, when you get married the wife moves in with the husband's family and leaves her family. Now the dad's gone, but she has to stay with his family, so she has nothing and no income there. A doctor had never looked at the little boy except when he was born, and he said that it was cancer."
 "When we were hiking to that village, it was really hot, and I felt like I was in the worst mood because it was so hot, and it wasn't an easy hike," she said.  "I don't know why, but my patience ran really thin that day, and then I saw this little boy, and it was like something clicked, and it was like, this is why you're here. You needed to see him. I felt like it was God's way of saying this is why I brought you here." According to White, she felt like she needed to help Wei or he wasn't going to make it.

Laura White in Yangshuo
A Chinese American doctor has given another $2,000 US and put Mandy Ma in touch with doctors at Beijing's Children's Hospital, one of the two hospitals in China equipped to handle a rare case like Wei's. Mandy has arranged to take him and his Mom to Beijing on the train on the 17th of August. His miracle is in the making but more money will be needed for his treatment.
You can give on our Wei Senbao website.
Student Pictures from the Photo Workshop

Our Fuse the Muse Photo Workshop was a great success. About 80 Blessing Hands student came to our workshop over two days, and about 30 volunteers were involved with helping them. None of us will ever forget it. 
My Pick of the Photos are featured on this site

For a 3 minute Youtube video giving an overview of the workshop event click here
Eighty of our students had a great time taking photos at the Yangshuo Fuse the Muse Photo Workshop. We have gotten most of the photos labeled and put online. David Hsieh, who taught our Photo Workshop, has put all the raw pictures on Flickr at this link.  There is a slide show of my best picks of the photos this link.
Bicycles for two made it easy for volunteers to help students.
We had 12 Blessing Hands volunteers and 22 volunteers from Guangxi Normal University, thanks to the support of Malan Cai and Cindy Mai, who teach English there. David Hsieh, who speaks Chinese, connected with the kids  wonderfully making a great teacher. After a one hour instruction, the kids and their volunteers went out on bicycles built or two to photograph Yangshuo.
On September 11th, Laura White will present a program about the photo workshop at the Rowan County art Center in Morehead, KY. Johnna Brynn Bockover is designing a photo book to sell, and we will have a photo art show in January 2011, also at the art center. We will feature portraits of the students along 
Marya Zhang's Portrait 
with their own photos.
With the help of Starshooter Charity, Sister Cities of Morehead, KY, a Fuse the Muse grant from the Rowan County Arts Center, and the Yangshuo Educational Department, we were able to give each student photos and many exceptional memories. 

Su Yufang (R) and Huang Pingzhi
To see candid shots of Yangshuo by David Hsieh go to this link . I warn you that he took a lot of photos.
College Scholarships Opportunities

      Every fall we find sponsors for our graduating seniors who need scholarships to college by featuring them in our newsletters and online at Youtube.com.  Without your sponsorship they cannot go to college.  You can see all 15 of them who applied this year at this website.  Please support Edith by reading her essay.
Scholarship Essay
by  Huang Jiehui  (Edith)                                                
See her video at this link.

My name is Huang Jiehui, a senior 3 student in No. 1 Middle School in Guangxi, Qinzhou, China. I was born in 1991 and live in the dormitory of the silk factory, which is in the south of Qinzhou. My mother used to work there, but it closed many years ago, and my mother was laid off
  First, thank you ever so much for all you have given me. I joined Blessing Hands two years ago. Blessing Hands not only has helped me with aid but also let me feel your love.

      I intend to major in economics in the university. I like the major very much. I think it can make people smart and follow the steps of society. However, my family cannot support the expensive expenses, because my family is poor.

     My Father is weak. Therefore, he has stayed for many years at home. My mother and elder brother support the family. Because our economic condition was bad, my brother left school to earn money when he was a senior one student.  Their work is always unstable, because their school level is not high. Their income can only manage daily life, so I realized the importance of learning. There are six people in my family. There are my Dad and Mom, my brother and sister-in-law, my infant nephew and me.  With the birth of my nephew our income has been used up.

    Now I am trying to learn more knowledge in an attempt to change the present situation of my family. But I am faced with a very major difficulty. Therefore I am applying for the scholarship now. I hope to get your help. My college entrance examination score is 496, and I have been admitted to Guangxi University of Nationalities.

     Thanks again for the help you gave me. Whether or not I get the scholarship, I will remember the help you gave me and remember your love for me. I will try my best to help others. I believe that through my efforts I can make my life and my family's life better.

 Huang Jiehui
Give a$510 scholarship to Huang Jiehui and help a whole family. Donate

To give half of a scholarship go to this link. 
Your donation is tax deductable through Blessing Hands.
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